Would you…? Q&A

Having made, in fun, my Valentine’s ‘Fair Warning’ picture-post, I was dared to campaign with it on Social Media to find myself a virtual valentine. I have to admit, I thought – in just that instant – that it could be fun. I’d say that common sense got the better of me, but I actually simply got distracted with other things. Phew! (Thank goodness for internet friends musically inclined to offer live-streaming gigs for a handy diversion!)

My dear friend got herself really carried away with the idea of virtual speed dating and virtual valentines match-making and how if only we’d had our conversation earlier we could have got something off the ground(!)


Then, having answered an #InternetFriendsDay question: Would you choose a road-trip in a bus with 8 friends, or a private jet flight away with just 2 friends? my friend decides to issue me 14 Valentine’s questions to answer in a blog post. (Apparently she’s collecting a whole bunch of questions, so didn’t come up with them as such, but ‘adapted and curated them’ and I’m not sure where from exactly…) She doesn’t even read my blog usually, but wants a print-out snail-mailing to her tomorrow (I have no idea why! Match-making, confidentially? Oh dear…)

I’ve left it until very last thing in the day to publish, so that my post’s not added to any #virtual campaign… just in case. In fact, I’ve just now decided to just write this post and then post the answers to them later in the day. As it’s almost midnight, that means, tomorrow…as long as it’s before the mail is collected. If I don’t do her ‘fun challenge’, she WILL issue a forfeit… do you have any fun friends like that?

Here’s the list of questions in case you’d like to join in and use or adapt them for a post-Valentine 14 days/14 ways …post*. Or maybe you can think of some other questions for a fun Q&A post challenge…

  1. Do you eat the icing on the cake first?
  2. Are you a jelly person? Is an accompaniment essential, if so what?
  3. Trapped in an elevator, who would you want to be trapped with? (any one person only)
  4. Favourite types of protein that you eat?
  5. You can have your own TV channel – what would it be about?
  6. Have you ever done an extreme sport eg.bungee jumped?
  7. At what age did you become an adult?
  8. What are the top three items on your bucket list?
  9. You always have to have one of these – an itch in the middle of your back or an eyelash in your eye – which do you choose?
  10. What colour would you like your bedroom to be?
  11. When you’re twenty years older than you are now, what will matter most to you?
  12. What do you have set as your desktop background (PC/tablet)?
  13. If you could spend the weekend alone in a public building or institution, which place would you choose?
  14. What are your favourite pizza toppings?

Blimey! I’m not tagging anyone to join in, but if you’re inspired to do so, a pingback would be appreciated if you’d like me to zoom over and read your post 🙂 I promise not to print and mail your answers to confidential match-making 😉

*a 14 day / 14ways to ‘share the love’ thing has been suggested, as everyone at Jacquie’s blogparty contributed so much that there’s leftovers enough for a good while 😀 I think we kind of take it as we like it and make it up as we go along, kind of thing…




11 thoughts on “Would you…? Q&A

  1. and, see, i am Just Now seeing this post?! ha, well now i know the back-story, and since it itches alot i guess i will take the back over the eye because the eye would drive me nuttier than a pecan pie 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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