Matchmaker Q&A #1 of 14

I decided to risk a forfeit and tackle these challenge questions one per day… I’ve also retitled it…


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

So here’s for day one, question 1:

Do you eat the icing on the cake first?

That is really going to depend on the cake and on the icing – which part do I most want to savour…


Generally the icing mostly would be saved for last, but it can get messy trying to take that first bite of mostly cake and less icing, to save mostly icing for last – and sometimes you need just enough icing with the biting of cake while doing that.

In company I might just eat the cake normally, wishing I were alone to eat my cake as I please…


In polite company, I’d definitely prefer to eat my cake with a fork, even if a napkin is provided – chances are I’d want the napkin for a posh souvenir (if disposable and not needed back for washing!) and definitely wouldn’t want to wipe my sticky fingers on my clothes. With a fork and an icing rich slice of cake I could easily eat the cake part first and the icing last without it seeming too odd 🙂


It’s a real shame you can’t have your cake AND eat it – we’d only ever have to bake once or twice! These aren’t my cakes, they’re from pixabay, which is a shame, as I’d love a piece of cake now!



One thought on “Matchmaker Q&A #1 of 14

  1. Okay used to be social med make me hungry dessert pix, and now watch out is here! I like icing we used to use mixer make cake…mmm…memories. I like JAM with peanut butter…..and the repairman can fix elevator so he vbetter be there! Did I answer all of them 🙂 ? Cute questions


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