Matchmaker Q&A #2 of 14

I decided to risk a forfeit and tackle these challenge questions one per day…


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Question 2:

Are you a jelly person? Is an accompaniment essential, if so what?

First thoughts – I happened to have a picture spring to mind,  a bit like this one:


I guess as we’re English you do mean jelly (US:jello) and not jam (US:jelly)…

I try and avoid gelatine, being vegetarian, but it’s in so many food items – sweets, nutritional supplement capsules… I know there are vegetable based alternatives but they tend to be more expensive…

Jelly, itself… my Dad’s pet-name for me when I was little was ‘colly-wobbles’ and my little brother would sing the ‘jelly-on-a-plate’ song, changing the words – I almost wish I could remember it!

Back to jelly… I only eat jelly maybe once or twice a year at most. some years, not at all.

If I do have jelly it’d only be a tiny portion and definitely with some accompaniment – trifle sponge soaked in the jelly is my favourite, and with almost anything goes – icecream, fruit of almost any kind.. not ever so keen on cream but it might take my fancy – and if the jelly was in trifle I’d have a difficult time resisting a small bowl 🙂

Now, if jelly were jam, I definitely love jam – on crackers, on or in bread – especially a good wholemeal or wholegrain variety – toast – and if there’s jam I don’t need margarine … jam on/in warm yorkshire puddings… jam in rice pudding… any kind of jam is yummy… and yes, I quite like peanut butter and jam together too!

How about you – are you a jelly person?

… and are you joining in with something for a Leap Day / Leapster Challenge?


2 thoughts on “Matchmaker Q&A #2 of 14

  1. uh oh now the English and the us English dictionary we would need to discuss, Ha, i remember when jello was gelatin, and jam was something that got a blue ribbon at the fair for, oh well quit make me hungry i just had dinner 🙂 take some rest, don’t’ overdo fellow neighbor blogger bud


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