A Wednesday Word with Ruth

Ruth’s Wednesday Word this week is ’emancipated’… I’m glad I decided to just check as I mixed this up with the meaning for ’emaciated’! Now I know better…

Anticipate emancipation,

consolidate, with trepidation –

this rendition, not well-founded

could be freed in better rounded

phrases if I’d only thought

to loosen ties, first freedom sought.

I wonder if this word is going to niggle at me like ‘rascile’ has been – I still haven’t written for that earlier prompt, so still it plays on my mind. So, my response to ’emancipated’ seems to me a little weak, but it’s a five minute consideration in what should be a coffee break, so I’m away for that coffee, with biscuits to avoid emaciation, and hope to be free to catch up with you again another time…

Why not join in with a Wednesday Word with Ruth too? She’d love to see you there – and her poem is much better than mine, you really should read it!


8 thoughts on “A Wednesday Word with Ruth

  1. i will pretend that you are not having multiple websites here and just treat them as rooms, like i think you said once they were different rooms, what room am i off to nobody knows, just chilling along and enjoying the visitis 😀


    1. lol, ummm, so I wonder if rascile is really a word or if it’s my irascible memory being a rascal again! Thanks for the correction – rascile sounds scratchy too – I think that was kind of the meaning of your word ‘irascible’, scratchy and irritating, or along those lines… anyway, thanks for the words 😀 see you again sometime soon 🙂

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