Matchmaker Q&A #3 of 14

I haven’t been issued a forfeit yet for tackling these challenge questions one per day… (I’m probably safe until the weekend when my friend she realises hasn’t received my answers by second class post!)


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #3 of 14:

Trapped in an elevator, who would you want to be trapped with? (any one person only)

Mmm… am I supposed to answer with a dishy celebrity in mind, like Eminem or Taylor Hawkins (it’s his birthday today!) … or how about Liam Bailey -he’s such a gorgeous voice and I love the raw, live sound of his singing more than the produced version… or Henry Rollins, I love his voice too and maybe I could get him talking so I could swoon the (how much?) time away…

The question insists just one person… but how long for? Five minutes? an hour? a day and a half? I mean Eminem for five minutes could be fun, yeah? But a day?! Taylor’d be fine, we could jam, check out the acoustic potentials while we’re waiting, maybe the same could be said for the other two ‘options’… I don’t much fancy hip-hopping the hours away though…

… and what elevator where? Likeliest place I’ll ever be trapped in an elevator is either in a high-rise city slum block of flats (so that’d maybe most likely be trapped with Liam then, since he’s a local chap), or while visiting at a hospital – where else would I be likely to get trapped in a lift? A supermarket or department store, perhaps, though I don’t go there often…

So, whoever I go trapped with, if it’s for a few hours or more, I’d just hope they have water, a pocketful of sweeties and maybe a spare sandwich – or if it’s at the supermarket then at least one of us has already shopped, though now I imagine having useless things like a jar of coffee and a few tins of food I can’t open…

I know I’d prefer not to be trapped with someone who panics and over-reacts; nor someone with abusive or violent tendencies; nor someone who refuses to speak and is stand-offish.. though I wouldn’t expect to be making ‘a new friend’ either!

Well, I thought ‘are you a jelly person?’ was a stupid question, but I preferred that kind of question to this. It’s a bit like asking ‘if trapped in an elevator, which floors would you prefer to be stuck between?’ while having no idea how many floors there might be…

… and I definitely wouldn’t want to be trapped anywhere at all with my forfeit flinging friend! (…kidding!) The other thing of course is is it an elevator with non-stop readymade elevator music? That would be absolutely unbearable whoever it was with 

I think I’ll just take the stairs wherever possible, so my final answer is ‘I don’t take the elevator!’


2 thoughts on “Matchmaker Q&A #3 of 14

  1. Yes, they’re more fun to answer than i expected 🙂 Glad I didn’t try doing them all in one post though, I do trot on! So sorry for not checking my spam, there’s never usually anything in there but actual spam and even that’s quite rare. Hopefully won’t happen again now I told it you’re not spam!


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