Matchmaker Q&A #4 of 14

Safe from a forfeit for another couple of days yet for tackling these challenge questions one per day…


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #4 of 14:

Favourite types of protein that you eat?

NB: please don’t take this as my final answer –  updating this post, below the pic [19/2/16]


Ok, I fibbed – I do love peanuts (monkey nuts are at least easy to shell!) and brazil nuts, hazelnuts etc but my favourite if I have to choose just one source of protein has to be black-eyed beans… or any other kind of real bean – although red kidney beans cause some problems, which is a shame because I like them too, but have to have only a very few if any at all. Chick peas, lentils, any kind of pulse…

I do eat small amounts of dairy food and occasional eggs, even occasional fishy-type food (tinned tuna, salmon paste, fish fingers/fish cake, rarely a battered haddock fillet or coley fillets in white-garlicy-sauce or steamed plain – but don’t take it for granted that I like to eat fish because I’m fussy – definitely NO shellfish, octopus etc). As for meat – I can’t even eat a packet of meat flavoured potato crisps! Any meat derived ingredient and it’s no way (except for very occasional jelly and being unable to avoid gelatine-based nutritional supplement capsules, as confessed in question#2!)

Again, you see, I can’t just answer with one thing – I’m hopeless at answering questions that force you to choose one definitive answer!



Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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