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Can you believe it’s almost two-thirds of the way through February already! This reblog#4 of 14, to share the joy of meeting lots of fun and interesting new-to-me bloggers around Jacquie’s cooking pot at the weekend! Today I’ve chosen a post from just after New Year at Bisi’s beautiful blog – I hope you enjoy it. Bisi writes lots of interesting posts so you might like these too, do check out her blog. You can visit by clicking the link on the reblogged section below and explore from there, or you might like to try this post and also this one Have a good day all – and here’s hoping 2016 continues to feel full of promise 🙂




2016 is right here and the clock is ticking again…its the fourth day already. If you are wondering how to make the best of your year or simply don’t know what to do, here is a quote to get you kicking:

Don’t hold what you have with a defect in your mind.                                                                                                           Don’t say it is nothing.
Don’t hold your gift, skill with a defect in mind
                                                                       Godfrey Onoja

So what have you left forgotten  and covered in dust on your shelf? Time to clean up the dust and dig in for the gold. Your shelf might be an idea in your heart; a skill/talent; a…

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8 thoughts on “reblog: Something…

    1. Thank you again Bisi for reciprocating, I really wasn’t expecting that. Aiming to reblog each day guarantees I look around some of the new blogs while trying to keep up with everything else. it was very kind of you to reblog something of mine too. i’ll catch up with you again soon 🙂


    1. I’m quite slow with it too – so much interesting stuff to get caught up with in addition to all the wonderful people to keep up with in the neighbourhood before the party extended our range. But it’s a good thing! hope you’re still having fun 🙂

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      1. Lol, i just joined a recycled book reading challenge – so any book you’ve bought second-hand, pre-owned, challenge is to read 12 in a year, one a month – I’ve a heap i’ve not read yet, might keep me away from laptop screen for a few hours here and there (not read much on kindle while busy blog-hopping etc either!)

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      2. Read! It gives us ideas for writing 😀 I had to slow down for my eyes, give them time budgeted to the screen, then end up reading books less. I am sorta storing up my kindle books for later if i go on a trip (yet to be determined by his work) . I added 10 to my 100 i read in goodreads challenge last year. I have so many ‘previewed” (read started and stopped) around here…….

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