Matchmaker Q&A #5 of 14

I’ve decided I am definitely NOT accepting a forfeit for tackling these challenge questions one per day… hopefully we won’t fall out about it!


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #5 of 14:

You can have your own TV channel – what would it be about?

I’d hope that’s an investment offer! Not that I have a burning desire to run a TV channel 🙂 It would have to be dedicated the area that I’d maybe watch television for, if only there was coverage. My specialist area of choice is, of course – contemporary arts.


I’d love a TV channel that broadcast arts programmes from contemporary venues all around the UK especially, but even as far as Europe and the rest of the world! It would cover visual arts, public exhibitions, contemporary performance-art type theatre productions (not dramatic arts), small independent venues and behind-the-scenes from studios, workshops, public locations… I’d watch telly all my waking hours with a non-bright screen and decent, interesting arts coverage.

I’d at least have TV on and use it like a radio, which is how I don’t entirely watch telly – doing something else at the same time and looking at it when something grabs my attention enough. My dad used to despair of me ‘not even watching the television if you’re drawing / writing at the same time – but I can’t do nothing and just watch, most of the time. I could usually still tell my Dad what had just been happening so be allowed to continue not exactly watching…


I don’t really bother with TV since 2009 when I had a big relapse and increased neurological symptoms and optic nerve pain. (I dip into on-demand telly occasionally via my very dark tablet screen). Nowadays I just burn my eyeballs out keeping myself awake through the day with this laptop screen, trying not to look too much at what I’m typing while I make blog posts as largely pointless as this one 😉

I’m actually quite enjoying answering daft questions, so can you think of (a better) one you’d like me to answer? (I’d have to queue it, until this series is complete…please let me know by any available method…)

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