Matchmaker Q&A #6 of 14

Not forgetting so far to answer these these challenge questions one per day…


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #6 of 14:

Have you ever done an extreme sport eg.bungee jumped?


OMG! No! The sensation of falling in dreams is more than enough heart-stopping excitement for me these days!

I abseiled once when I was ten on a school activity holiday, but from a scaffold tower, not a mountain…


I was actually very brave as no-one in my class dared go first. I was so afraid of heights, but plenty were far more scared than me – I decided to volunteer to go first and get it over than have the fear building up while waiting. As soon as I was having my turn, several of my friends decided if I could do it, they could. I took some extra turns too because I quite enjoyed it – I don’t think I would have if it had been from the side of a mountain.


The nearest I got to extreme sports, apart from a roller-skating phase, was as a spectator.I loved watching my brother doing his BMX – he quickly moved from racing into riding ramps and performing hair raising jumps and stunts – and he still does flatland BMX shows and workshops even in his mid-forties and can still ride ramps too! Amazing… , His son, my nephew, also rides BMX and skateboards,s o there’s still plenty of family spectatorship opportunities if I can make the visit.

I’d say that a roller coaster ride or other breath-taking amusement ride is an extreme sport! I avoid those too, mostly. I went on one on my 25th birthday at the American Adventure amusement park near Nottingham (closed down since, and was more than twenty years ago). I went on another extreme ride with my daughter at DisneylandParis in 2007 that I thought was a kiddie’s family type ride because of the Finding Nemo decor. We’d queued for about an hour and a half before I saw the sign right near the front of the queue that said something along the lines of “do not ride if you have a heart condition or other medical ailment…” – there was no way the only other adult, my aging mother-in-law, could ride with my daughter so i couldn’t turn back. I must have screamed all the way and my daughter thought it was hilarious but I was really so ill afterwards, not sicky ill, just very weak and shook up!

I’ve been on a couple of milder extreme enough rides at fairgrounds since, but nothing as wild… I should dig out my photos…

Final note: I may not do extreme sport, but I’m being an extreme sport in answering your questions dear friend, if ever you read this…

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3 thoughts on “Matchmaker Q&A #6 of 14

      1. It was in the class/workshop this month, the you have so many seconds to catch me to read your post sorta thing….and i love pictures anyway 😀 If you cant find me check pixabay HHHAAA 😉

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