Matchmaker Q&A #8 of 14

Just over halfway through these challenge questions posting one per day… I can imagine my good friend telling me she doesn’t want to read a page or more in answer to each question and there’s no need for pictures…

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‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #8 of 14:

  1. What are the top three items on your bucket list?

Well, until I was having a coffee and chat the other week, I hadn’t really paid the idea much thought, always having said I simply didn’t have a bucket list. Yet with some prodding and encouragement I came up with an on the spot travel plan bucket list – I’m not sure about the order… but these three places were at the top of that list:

  • Liverpool, Newcastle and a week or four in Glasgow (if it’s cheap, I might like to move there one day)
  • Belfast (or I might like to live there instead).
  • Amsterdam (I’d love to go there for every real coffee I’d ever drink – or at least every other one – a pedestrianised city with a fantastic contemporary arts scene, museums and galleries and potentially so much better for my health than any city or countryside here in the UK. I hear degrees are very cheap too – If ever I could earn tuition fees and save up to study. I’ll still be bearing that in mind when I’m seventy I’d bet, (if I’m still around that long), given the deprivation and lack of healthcare the state of the UK inflict on people in need. he Tory Toffts definitely don’t really want regeneration and social mobility for the masses. They’re as Arbeit-mact-frei just beneath the surface as…

I’d better get off my soap box before I’m seeing stars… gets slippy…

Realistically, the top three things on my immediate  bucket list are

  1. visiting my mum and spending some time with her;
  2. spending time with my kids and grandkids;
  3. having a really good visit or more at Nottingham Contemporary art gallery – it’s a stone’s throw away (on a bus or by taxi, 20-30mins journey) and I’ve not been able to get there in about three years! It’s killing me! Seriously, I’d have full-on CAWS* if it weren’t for the dripfeeed of contemporary art and literature I find through the internet.

*Dont’ worry, I only suffer 95% CAWS and it isn’t fatal until it reaches 99% – CAWS = Contemporary Art Withdrawal Syndrome – it seems as good a name as any other for disease…

No images yet in this post as I’m inclined to use some of my own photos and have to dig through my neglected clutter of old broken phones for the microSD cards, the SDcard adapter for my card reader, the broken netbook hard-drive to see if it’ll hook up to my new kit via usb and that sounds like a bunch of excuses but it’s the truth. Christmas every year always ruins any glimmer of organisation I had about things and hopefully this year I’ll get round to sorting it before the usual June/July/plus effort just to complete this task.

I keep losing myself for ages in pixabay and I know I’ve got pics of my own for this post, although maybe not a patch on that alternative, more personal 🙂 -unfortunately not of Amsterdam, Glasgow, Belfast etc, never been yet, but some photos enough…

Be warned also, that at some point very soon I am taking the giant leap of changing theme at this blog  I changed  my theme here at last for something quite different – but probably keeping the exact same header for easy recognition, unless you think i should dump it and make a better / different one?



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