Reblog 8 of 14, so much to see at Shilpa’s

Today I’m sharing a sneak preview of Shilpa’s delightfully uplifting ‘IAmABloggerToo’ blog.


Click to visit Shilpa’s ‘Life Without Gravity?’ post or explore from her homepage link at the top of my post. Navigation is wonderfully smooth and easy to use, the blog is very neat and well organised. A s you can see from the menu buttons there are a wide range of topics to explore. It’s all very well made, fun  – I don’t have to tell you it’s colourful!

Although I’ve vaguely bumped into ‘IAmABloggerToo’ in blogging101alumni (Blogger’s World’) I was surprised to find I’d somehow missed visiting this blog until Jacquie’s Valentine blogparty.

I hope I’ve not caused offence for sharing a small screenshot – it showcases this blog so well all on its own that I couldn’t resist. It really is a fantastic visit. There are no sharing buttons of any kind, so I’m not taking the liberty of showcasing any of Shilpa’s content.She does so very well herself, it’s a very short step away – I do hope you return here sometime though 😉

I had been considering a small quote of Shilpa’s writing as she has a wonderful way with words and a clear love of nature, whether land or sea, forest or… all  BUT…

I got lost in the serene ambience for longer than I intended and still couldn’t decide which small extract to use if any (having not actually copied any extracts but enjoying more browsing!)

So, if you haven’t acquainted with Shilpa at IAmABloggerToo, I highly recommend you pop over to her place and I’m sure you’ll you find something you enjoy – but please leave her a comment to say so, as there are no lazy ‘like’ buttons either.

By the way, if you haven’t already seen it, Jacquie is offering to linkshare, if you have a post you’d like to her to consider sharing take a  read here for details



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