Work underway – please note…

Please bear with me while I continue to make changes at the Wishing Well. This [update:28/02/16 switched from Dyad to Toujours] theme is incredibly different to Dyad but with some similar features in a more standard presentation.

Any honest feedback regarding theme change? – suggestions for anything you need to make your time here any easier? Hints or tips? (I did blogging101 twice and 201 intermediate customisation and I’ve still been hopeless on just sorting it out and procrastinating over a theme change). I don’t really know why I loved Sorbet so much – though it could have worked so much better. Never mind, new suit for a new start 🙂

My previous theme didn’t support or display featured images. Again I need to go through each post improving each one for images and settings etc, it’ll still be a bit clunky here. Not that it wasn’t at my poor use of the Sorbet theme.

This seems to me to be easier to read and is easier on my eyes, which is very important for me. I also wonder it might be easier to navigate although I still have work to do there too. There are some widgets in footer area but it’s 5:30am with me and I need to sleep yet, so leaving as is for now.

I was going to make this post sticky but doesn’t seem to be an option. Maybe I’ll have to manually keep rescheduling it or a copy of it for the next visitor who might receive a shock. Unless everyone reads in the reader of course 😀 Update: I found the sticky post tick box in the Admin dashboard, yay!


Hopefully I’ll catch up and catch up with you later.

Have a nice day!




9 thoughts on “Work underway – please note…

    1. Excellent theme choice for you r blog and especially for photo101! I looked into a preview of this one too, but I think Toujours is staying for the long haul. The Dyad theme was really good, but didn’t really suit the Wishing Well I’ve put it on fishing4soup, currently privately testing it … I love learning about the different themes – that’s why I can’t just manage with one blog, trying to learn different types… hoping for premium on one soon and catching the websites101 and blogging301 classes that were hinted at in BloggingU…

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      1. I cant sit long today so i am popping in and out…..they have those courses? i better see about those! I hope to do most of photo101, it might be late if i have to charge off into the duplex remodel with the Bossman lol

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      2. In last September’s writing101 I think they were mentioned as being in development for some time this year. April will be B201:Intermediate Customisation and another Writing101:poetry so I’m anxiously waiting an announcement for the new classes…

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      3. i hope they all have ebooks like the workshop did, that was easiest, and I can work on them and post later if I am up to my elbows in other stuffs…..;)


  1. I am enjoying reading on the simple page just like mine is. The reader is that way and there are some websites I stay away and just read on reader for my eyes. Just a note, this is not in concrete though as i love variety if it isn’t boisterous variety, well you asked for comments.///I also like the boxes like that have the posts names? when you come to the home setting ,,sorry rambling, but it is helpful to find them and catch-up without re–entering the site several times, I am Bad at not navigating properly these blogs. So happy work 😀


    1. No I think your navigation problems are just me not using my loaf with customisation and settings and taking a long time practising the long way round before the penny drops! I like the post preview boxes too and ability to select individual posts that way. The thing with themes is it depends on how individual viewer preferences and what they’re used to and even what type of technology they’re accessing your site from. I quite like this one so far but haven’t tried it from my tablet or phone yet – though I did check the responsive views in the customiser. i’m sticking with this theme for now and attempting to make it all set up nice by Leap day Monday 😀 thanks for feedback 🙂

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      1. Oh yes, I was on the desktop (no laptop here) and my android tablet is off at the time so well see bout that later ..I have found my image posts are way dif in the tablet or Mobile app (kindle fire is different i think) 😀 onward!

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  2. Chuckle chuckle I was just at my old email and was cleaning old folders from those very classes! Then came here via my other test site, sat up and took notice, woo ok she didn’t crash it she Changed it 😀 yep i think my neighbor got the same bug of change 😀 I will see what’s what, no problem I am awaiting the storm coming in to send me off the electronics!


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