Matchmaker Q&A #10 of 14

 THESE CHALLENGE QUESTIONS posting one per day… I’m sure my friend knows what to expect for some of these answers. weren’t you a guest here once? or was it so long ago it was the previous place? She won’t answer…or, I’ll be surprised…

[NB: all images are from unless otherwise stated – some are, also potentially via pixabay…]


‘Matchmaker Q&A’…

Today’s question, #10 of 14:

What colour would you like your bedroom to be?


Oh…. when I get around to it…

What kind of colour is good to have for a bedroom? a splash of orange accent in another wise magnolia/creamy still fresh enough, light while warm, matt finish hides rough wall surface under only lining paper… have some silvery grey wallpaper, very nice, still in wrappers but… and plenty of very deep matt purple velvety texture to look at …

mmm… yummy colours… which ONE?granny-729079_1280

#anywayuplease or plays would be a dreadful tag to go with this image! I’m not tagging anything much until I know what cats and ags I’m keeping and make them work properly.
…no, not red and white for sure… very briefly, I’m making this lovely twee image a featured image, just for fun… the image will be here for a very limited and unspecified time only… just capturing grouped image effects and will have a much more appropriate image for this post soon enough…
#bloggingfundare…   capture this image somehow, process it anyway you like and make a post, pinging back to this one… you might spark a dedicated post in response linking to yours… did you find anything unusual while here?
Did you get this far? Wow! Thank you 🙂 Where would you like to go next? Blog home? I’m afraid I can’t link to your – or x buttons for you though…

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