Sometime whenever…

… it’d be nice to have some time when doing just one or two extra things don’t send me into a brainfogged spin … or force myself into so over-tired that I can’t sleep. I do it myself – there all kinds of ways I could learn to make things easier along the way…

I’ve been trying to regulate my sleep cycle most of winter. It’s not happening yet, but after very little of today I am exhausted enough to sleep (hopefully). So my posting schedule is gone to the wall and I’ll answer two q&a questions in one post tomorrow and however else I decide to resolve catching up / getting a head…


Apologies if you’ve already seen this at One4Fun, I wanted to see how it looks here in comparison 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sometime whenever…

  1. Flex schedule usually here as well, I don’t want to promise anyone something is up at a certain time with some things up in the air. However, with my little notebook scribbles of ideas I have found images to match so getting there slowly 😀

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    1. I’ve been trying to set myself blogpost challenges that take five to twenty minutes to post – too many of them take me a bit longer or far too long(!). Once you start collecting pictures, quotes, snippets things pop into your mind and posts happen all along the way of them making themselves sometimes… my schedule is very flexible and only toward having a consistent framework to know what I aim to to post where and when – that blog, once a month while I learn about pages and potfolios… here will be more frequent… my chalkboard will be {leap announcement later}… etcetera…

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