While you’re waiting …

Have you seen my latest page what-am-i-trying-to-do-hereopens in same tab/window, right-click to open in new tab or window if you prefer to keep your place at this post too.

Oh, and the post with hidden text (in Dyad featured image view) was only this…


The base for this imageis simply a mash-up of my record-keeping screenshots to visually represent and curate visual identifiers / reminders for what this post was I was intending making… I will be making a page and a short announcement post to reveal it’s publication with a link to that page … when i get around to it. Basically linking to my guest feature posts and a little bit of blurb. you may already have seen them or know where to find them. meanwhile I’m busy with safety hat, high-visibility reflective outers and construction /repair tasks 😀

I hope that satisfies any niggling curiosity in the meantime and in time for your return whenever that happens to be 🙂

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask – i may be hungry for feedback but I promise I don’t bite 😉

Apologies if the image above appears to mimic a post format and is confusing…


One thought on “While you’re waiting …

  1. oddly enough it is clean look on the Page (what am i), I guess maybe it is the background here tweaking, i do like the playground and glad you have your safety gear. No jumping please ha ha, and the related posts thing i like to see that. I have found it helpful on mine and others. Now to see if you put hidden text, hidden somewhere else (magnifying glass out……..specs on…….hunting 😀

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