Buttons up (stating the obvious)

Valentine’s Day seems like yesterday… I made myself a promise to make a real effort with this blog and get it sorted once and for all. Hopefully it’s getting there. I would have liked to have signed up for B201:IC next month and completed it this time – I got close to the finish in Novemeber. But I’m very slow off the mark learning how to make menus and widgets work properly. It’s starting to fall into place…


How I made Jacquie’s vlog button to show a preview…


When I browse, I usually end up with six or more browser windows open. I found that taking a screenshot is useful in lots of ways- a visual note for one. I aim to do this respectfully for other people’s content, such as using my own site as larger background. So the buttons aren’t large images, they’re tiny cut and paste areas from the larger picture, ready made from the tiny preview of a webpage. I haven’t used them enough and need to be better methodical about things.


Apologies if that’s something you’re not interested in and already know – I might have written something similar previously at my other blog a way back. I thought my blogging acquaintances might be reassured to know how easy it is and how very low-resolution the images are.

Have a Happy Leap day!

[…it’s not quite here yet…22:19pm]

The Wishing Well BLOGHome


12 thoughts on “Buttons up (stating the obvious)

    1. I’ve some things I haven’t fully learnt yet from blogging101 and b201:intermediate customisation – image widgets you might see I can’t make work but at least I got them to show this time. Always more to learn… I’m revisiting the old commons for the crib sheets and tips 🙂

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      1. now arent you clever? that is an idea, i had found my folders from 201blogging when sorting my old email account…..yup more stuff to do ELearning heh heh


  1. I used screen windows finally the other day to get the info and the pic monkey at the same time to learn the watermark thing. There is so much to learn you can never bore some of us, we need to learn it over and over and share what we find. There is always something changing at mine, BEWARE if you haven’t dared to go there in last little few of Time this Leap day 😉

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    1. 😀 I leaped over and love it 🙂 The only thing with screenshots is they are so low-res that if they appear in featured image areas you get a big blur … learning how featured content works can be quite fun too 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jacquie … I’ve a lot to learn and practise with the techie-stuff yet 🙂 This theme is staying here for the longer-term I think… letting it settle… have a great day and thanks again for dropping by 🙂

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