My fourteen days of posts stalled at ten (reblogs from the cooking pot shindig…and Matchmaker Q&A). So, I’ll finish all four of each type of post tomorrow, in one post each.


I miss my old header. This isn’t it. It’s the result of trying to crop my previous header. Its ovalised, but I quite like the twist. I might try it here and move the other one, or vice versa… What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Catching up for Leap Day …

    1. Not a dumb question at all, a very good one! I feel the name is twee enough without the visual to go with it and I prefer wishing on moon, sun and stars – and of course the rainbow 🙂 If I changed the blog name having a pictorial wishing well would mean totally ‘rebranding’ with it. So the logo is the identifier and I could still change the name later, although it is staying for now 🙂 Thank you for signing the guestbook here too 🙂 Just caught up with your Lent posts too… You are making a splendid series of writing 🙂


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