N.B. all non-attributed images derive from or, sometimes embelled or ‘imashed’ – as in ‘I mashed this’ [above]

Dear ideal reader {insert name here}

Thank you for visiting and I’m stuck for words – luckily there’s not room on the back of a postcard enough for  a long yabber so I’ll cut to it.

This picture-postcard looking image is currently my blog icon. What do you think? Do you prefer a blog with a standard sidebar like this theme – or to have fun on a widget hunt?

Please let me know if you have any trouble getting around and I’ll try and fix things.

I’ll be getting around to making a Leap Day ‘Leapster’ challenge post in a while. If you made a leap (or a post about leap year/leap day) and want to drop a link in the meantime, if it fits, I’ll round it up to any other appropriate place.

Leap in to the Leap Year 2016 Guestbook

You can also leap over to the guest book and leave a link there if you prefer (or as well, if you’re feeling generous).

Outaspace! gotta dash… have fun, and Happy Leap into…

Where would you like to go next? sidebar?

morepages-index page? or BLOG HOME?

Escape route?

– maybe you’d like to search on google… visit the BBC News website…  youtube? howabout wikipedia for 29th February? I’m not trying to get rid of you honest! You can come back anytime and most links open in a new window unless internal blog links (excluding some pages and the guestbook). All possible care is taken with providing external links, shared in good faith. The blog owner is not responsible for the content, or any liability for external websites other than those owned and maintained by this blog owner.

Other useful links:

BloggingU and bloggingU-eBooks; Daily Post homepage; Daily Post Event Listings; Discover at WordPress; WordPress Reader;


2 thoughts on “Dear Reader…

    1. O programa foi ótimo. Vcs estão cada vez melhores! Ouvindo novamente pela trtm©noÃesica vez! Estou viciada no PI! Não vejo a hora de acompanhar o Ep #75!!! Abraço e ótima semana a todos,Amanda


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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