… I’m thinking I like the Dyad theme, but not sure I want it here…


…maybe I prefer a classic style theme with a neat and straightforward sidebar and not have the visual distraction. In a theme likes this [previous Dyad] there is so much extra to consider when formulating a post – including how one image impacts on another in home-page views, tag/category views etc.

There’s not enough customisation option either. I can’t choose a background colour so one looks much the same as another to an extent. In the colour scheme options I might like one element from scheme with another element from another colur scheme, but can’t split my choice.

I also think some of my few readers probably prefer a standard post view and a calmer, less dramatic visual environment. I might play with the Dyad theme some more on a test blog and change theme at The Wishing Well again very soon…  Have changed, later in same day. Have you seen it in hompepage view yet? Is it clear to navigate or confusing?

… and I’ll catch up with my #11-14 posts soon enough…




One thought on “Presently…

  1. So are they carrying away your old theme on the stretcher? I just now found this post, maybe I was lost on tablet again…………it happens so often I do think it is me, not the blogs /bloggers I am reading……..alas I shall see later when I see straight what the tabbie is up to.


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