Why is it…?

Why is it, that even in premium themes…

… there’s nothing with everything that I want?!

Why does my previous header not want to fit most themes? Why does a header with the correct depth still insist on stretching that depth?

Why have I changed theme again?

Maybe it was just to sense the panic of realising that having not remembered to make an export file before messing about with theme previews and changes.

I seem to have lost the end portion of at least one post (and not via a read more tag) – wondering if it will somehow be in the admin version of that post.

I guess I just like to give myself more things to do than I really needed for a rest day.

  • need to sort a better logo than my gravatar pic, but including it…
  • just need to make sure it all works enough before I leave it behind
  • lots of tidying post and featured content issues to update

Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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