Leaping for freedom (part 1)


As soon as I saw this picture (via pixabay.com), I thought of blogging neighbour Sarah C at This’n’ThatWithMe – not only does she make great leaps, she loves planes…


This leaping pixabay image’s filename is …’freedom’…


I was looking round for a picture to go with my writing in response to discussion in Jacquie’s latest vlog – she shares a wonderful poetry reading too.


This was a lovely podcast for Sunday.

I really enjoy Jacquie’s conversational style – and the subtle ad lib variation to her poem text as she performs it, in spoken word style.

Anyway, the picture kind of fits the acookingpotandtwistedtales’ question(s) from Jacquie’s vlog too:

“Is it possible to be angry and dance?”
“…the meaning and essence of freedom?…”

I began to comment at that post: “I found dance …”, and decided, “…would make a great topic for a Leapster post…” I also decided that flooding Jacquie’s comment box with a mini-essay I could make a post with… well… more than enough said…

Note to self: I am preparing to post for Jacquie’s Echo of my neighbourhood… this Thursday, link-up at Jacquie’s, hopefully, in the scheduler 🙂


Is it possible to be angry and dance?

I’d say yes, it is. In healthier unhealthy years, alone in my kitchen, sharing a home with my ex-partner, dance was a very good way to let off steam and deal with anger. When I was well enough and felt pent up aggression, I’d shut the kitchen door and danced and sang it out – not for long – I have M.E. so exhaust quickly. Back then, I could afford to test my exertion tolerance with a dance to, at most, a good few tracks (movement more than dance). Afterwards,  then it’s nice to enjoy either peace and quiet or something calmer.

Dance in performance art can be quite angry…

Dance in the punk crowd could get very angry indeed, although actually in the middle of it all it was just showmanship and comaraderie. And remembering to keep your personal space and nudge and shove back – giving a good hard kick in the legs to anyone getting carried away and getting too rough while littler ones are in the thick of it. The bigger ones looked out for the smaller ones, no-one was allowed to fall, there was always someone ready to catch you in the mosh.

Some judge and reason that hanging out with a punk crowd in your early to mid-teens is a negative influence. I think they set a darn good example of moral code – amongst some of the outragish extravertion, of course… but you let no-one fall and you look out for others… even if it means a harsh and necessary shindig…

(image from pixabay.com)

What is the essence and meaning of ‘freedom’?

… I’ll be posting some thoughts on this in part 2… whenever that happens along.


 Jacquie’s vlog, if you’ve not yet hopped over … or Visit Jacquie’s homepage…

[scheduled, updated post]

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9 thoughts on “Leaping for freedom (part 1)

      1. Thanks, Coco. Todau is the day we have turned the corner on old Donney here in the states. The UK should be relieved, if only they knew! U.S.lack of business integrity is the cause of the pop-ups. Sorry, were gonna fix it now.


  1. Tie ins everywhere 🙂 I had to take down my reboot option cuz I am planning my adventure. You and Jackie need to collaboration aha maybe you are. I. Just cheerleader. Vertigo is its own freaking Dan CE…..any who I thank cb your pingback and the nifty Ad for Jackie awesome blog ( which I caught first in Facebook then in YouTube I followed there so she can travel adventure with me. Best wishes all!


  2. My, my. I love how your mind works and where you’ve taken this post to. I can quite relate with the dancing when upset. In own case, I sing *off-key* I sing until I feel a lifting in my spirit. Now that you said it, I started thinking about all the punk music craziness and a lot of them did seem like angry youth.Would love to see what you do with freedom. I will share this post on my tomorrows featured posts 🙂

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    1. Just spotted this 🙂 Singing is a wonderful gift whether on or off key. When well enough I air my lungs and exercise those deep internal abdominal muscles with singing 🙂 We should be more like the birds and sing for the joy of each day 🙂

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