First festive…

1st March, 23:22 (11:23pm) – why does it feel like it should be Monday?

Finally, I’ve just cooked and eaten my Christmas dinner. There’s another portion to eat tomorrow, as if it were Boxing Day! Luckily it was all frozen food or it would have gone to waste long ago. Vegetarian ‘wellington’ with cranberry and red onion sauce in the filling. yum! The ‘festive veggie wellington’ packet says best before end of September 2016, so I’ve cooked it in plenty of time. It had been in my freezer almost three months though. I haven’t had my Christmas pudding yet, I’m too full and it’s too late at night. Maybe tomorrow I’ll manage pudding after my second dinner like this…


I can’t believe that was my first roast dinner in ?how many? months – it’s not as if anything needed preparing, even the vegetables are frozen and just need tipping out of the bag and popping into the microwave. Any dinners I have eaten have needed to be quicker and easier to cook than that!

I used to make my own yorkshire puddings, peel and prepare fresh vegetables and I love cooking! I never used to worry about how much washing-up there’d be. These days, every energy/labour-saving method is utilised. Cereal with hot milk? Boil the kettle, use powdered milk and use just the one bowl, no pan. What can be microwaved in one bowl and just eat from that, never mind an extra plate… today was special so I ate from a plate and sat nicely at the table (unlike Xmas when I ate my dinner in bed).

Most days, I don’t spend any longer sitting than I have to spend sitting in the bathroom. I sat and ate my dinner and gave myself poker-pain in my back again and wobblier legs. So, back to prop up in bed while my dinner goes down, have this glorious moan to myself (yawn!) and the washing up has to wait until tomorrow, to give me more poker pain again while I test my resilience to using my arms while standing.

In an ideal world, I would have born into a wealthy enough family to have a butler at my beck and call. I’d probably hate it! If I need something, I’ll do it myself or go without probably… well I will while I live on my own, for sure… (please don’t call social services, they’re useless! they would need to be able to see my invisible wheelchair to understand the level of my disability and I would need painkillers my doc won’t prescribe to be able to sit in the blessed thing!)

Anyway, it’s all good practise for surviving alone as a really old little lady, opening a tin of soup and remembering to chuck a packet of instant noodles in it for a bit of extra welly.

Back to Christmas – I did have a very nice Xmas dinner indeed – salad, in bed, with a cracker…apparently on 27th December, according to my photo file… (Xmas day was nice tinned soup with bread, sandwiches and snacks then…)

All meat-free… and well enough to wash and slice salad and open some packets…

Whoever’s heard of posting for Christmas in March?

Around two millenia ago, although baby Jesus was born and lived (if you believe…) – there will have been no such things as Christmas celebration.

March was the first month of the Roman calendar, so today, or another a bit like depending on who lost count by how much and when… 1st March would have been new year festivities.

So, in my own bumbling, old-fashioned, new-fangled way, I have cooked my festive dinner in perfect time 🙂






8 thoughts on “First festive…

  1. Yummy. My sister used to make the best yorkshire puddings. I just asked my English husband to take a peek at your dinner and he said, “Why? I can’t eat any of it.” He so misses his Mum’s cooking. Ohhh, the Christmas pudding. The closest thing we have to that is Sticky Toffee pudding from a local restaurant which I featured it in a six-word story. LOL. Thanks for sharing, Colette.


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