Split Second Split

March already! I’m looking forward to marching out however few steps every gail and downpour free day. I used to have a daily dose of garden and daylight with fresh air and excercise and train the dog. Not at the time of writing this poem, though I did in previous winters. She’s not a puppy anymore. I can watch her and excercise her from the back door. You may not understand the cues and clues in my writing… thanks Sarah C for returning to my attention this poem. The subject of the poem revolves around the day I marched out and… I might just tell you one day… but not March 1st already!

The Wishing Well

In a split second everything changed:

One overwhelming compulsion, a reaction

so strange and unruly – quite out of character –

something just snapped, then so something was fractured.

There was no going back, no point of return;

No hope for forgiveness, no lesson to learn –

Just a split second madness, to make my escape –

It was certainly foolish, but not done by mistake.

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12 thoughts on “Split Second Split

  1. Yeh I kept silent bout it on soc med. or here .. sis in law usu will msg if problems with .Ihim or others. I did start blog in may it isn’t year yet seems longer 🙂 thanks


      1. Wow somehow I thought you were longer time here I hope my free smart phone isn’t junk cuz I will want to ck in on everyone if we go work couple weeks ,:) have to learn another gadget

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      2. Lt Leary post I did on tablet only wow that was challenge . I m scheduling some hopefully if I can ….one should pop up later today. Which vour widgets be troublesome ?????


      3. Only just getting to grips with custom (text and image) widgets but images won’t display. I’ll go back and read up at some point soon, do a few widgets101 practise tasks 🙂

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  2. I must say in our changes on both our blogs I am finding your older ones I missed, and getting my own a bit better rounded up. Most have the featured image for this year, whew glad it was ONLY march first , I shall see sleep music medicine next……………..

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      1. Well you also have more posts 😀 ………hey happy March! I read an old one (feb 15 or so) hadnt realize we share parent passing anniversaries in February? My mom 26 yrs ago last week. Sorry if you didnt want this popping up. I dealt with it much better with all the happy interactions on blogs this year

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      2. S’ok, no worries. Good that you coped more comfortably this time round, time never really heals does it… Blogging’s helping me keep my mind busy and stop worrying about my mum – I remember you said your Dad’s ill too, hope he’s as well as can be. But yes, coincidences – Jacquie similarly I think, only more recent – and we all started our blogs around the same time too…

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