Until I sleep… monday music medicine

It’s not Tuesday until I’ve slept and wake up  regardless of what any calendar or clock says…


…anyway, Fimnora’s Monday Music Medicine Show is open all week. So I just had a break from relaxation for some real music medicine…  reminded me a lot in places of Jethro Tull… so away to find some of them now… long, long time since hearing  this, not for years! Why do I still not take better advantage of all the wonderful world the internet has to offer???

Thank you Fim 🙂  I hope Spring is kind to you…bouquet-677939_1280 x


2 thoughts on “Until I sleep… monday music medicine

  1. YAY!!!!! Tull is definitely on my most favorite ever list! GREAT Songs From the Wood choice!
    While not from that album, I specifically love Locomotive Breath best!

    Many thanks for sharing in the Monday Music Medicine Show. There are no rules on sticking with the prompt… It’s a celebration of music, and a come as you are, or want to be party!

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