Echoes of my Neighbourhood – introduction

I’ve been meaning to take part in Jacquie’s Echoes… for a while. Part of the problem is I’m currently mostly housebound (around 99% for ages now).

So I’m going to delve back to some other points in time along the way of my life to share my echoes with you, until I can get out and share something more current. All the photos in this post were taken in spring/early summer 2012 (doesn’t time fly!).

I used to take lots of photos, most of the time if I went anywhere: I took snaps, partly to document my time and activity while managing disabling illness – although I used to look quite well (my hair is always a wispy mess though).

My daughter took this photo of me, almost four years ago, just after we moved into my current home .
me and my daughter waiting for a bus at my favourite seaside town close to my birth-town in Norfolk, UK.

Do you still consider yourself local to your town of birth / childhood? I do. I can never decide if my home-town is Nottingham city, where I’ve lived almost three decades, because it seems it’s ‘back home’ in Norfolk, although I love both places and there’s plenty to dislike about both places too. I guess it’s a similar story wherever one lives, everywhere has its advantages and disadvantages.


This bus-stop in Nottingham city centre is on Maid Marian Way – it’s where you’d get off if you were visiting Nottingham Castle or Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery/studios. I’ll show you these places another day perhaps (even if only in my old photos).


Nottingham Canal runs through the city centre and I’ll maybe share an afternoon with you from the opposite side of this bridge and some less mundane views.

SAM_0505Taking a late lunch break on the terrace at the city’s Nottingham Contemporary art gallery during some work-related activity practice. Below, looking back and up at the art gallery building (from the back).


The photo above was taken during exhibition changeover, usually the name of the current artist / exhibition title is displayed with the logo in the meeting room window (above).

Below, something about this mouse made me snap it up quick and bring it home …


Next, back home then …


I live on the outskirts of Nottingham, about a twenty minute drive (30 minute bus ride) from the city centre. Arriving home, I paused on my front doorstep to take this photo of the sky and rooftops (with my house looking like it could topple over at its’ odd angle). I’m often fascinated by the different skies and the angles of street furniture (lamp-posts, telegraph poles, cctv cameras etc.) I don’t really have a front garden to show, it’s a small concreted drive with no fence..


I found this moth on my kitchen tiles – I sometimes play at photos of things reflecting in those tiles. I haven’t used my camera for ages, it seems old  and heavy -it’s only 5mB, my phone cam is higher resolution now. I also can’t hold a camera for long, as daft as it sounds, and a phone is much lighter – though I still get shakes quite often, moreso now.


The end of my shabby back yard – with a small stretch of woodland adjoining, just over my fence. Did you spot the squirrel?

SAM_0514 - Copy

I was only writing yesterday about how much I love my current home for being close to nature, this patch of woodland and the gorgeous night sky with no light pollution from this side. My blogging friend Calensariel suggested she’d like to see something of this view, so here it is, as an ‘echo’… and my final photo for this post blow, of a beautiful rainbow – the photo taken from my back doorstep, looking at the sky against the treeline. The rainbow was very short-lived, with a double arc, and I’d missed the best of it by the time I’d grabbed my camera to take the photo.


So, I hope you enjoyed travelling back in time to 2012 with me for an echo of my neighbourhood and an introduction to me and mine.

All images in this post are my personal photos ©Colette B….2012-2016
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19 thoughts on “Echoes of my Neighbourhood – introduction

  1. Colette! What a wonderful post! I love your backyard. (Actually I loved the whole bloomin’ post.) And your picture of you and you and your daughter are great! I DID miss the squirrel. I’m so glad you pointed it out. I said yesterday or the day before you were turning into a world-class blogger. See! I told you so. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I almost missed him too – but I wondered why did I snap the laundry on the line? I guess I would have missed him if I tried to compose the shot. And you are too kind – but I appreciate your encouragement 🙂 There’ll be a Sbx part 2 in the next couple of days too…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. well i have been out cleaning the porch a wee bit today, come in and HELLO! get to visit you in your neighborhood whoot how awesome is that?! Thanks so much as you said, ‘at some point in time’ leapt out at me. this is not a worry bout when the photos were taken (most mine were not right now or this year), and Welcome to Echoes ….looking forward to more. I had wanted to nudge you toward it but if you like I am the photos stay hidden somewhere hard to find? I sure whish my ‘jet’ was able to get me over to visit 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I culd maybe bluetooth if i can find old chargers(!) spring cleaning/finding things needed here too! and bluetooth is really slow from new phone, one file at a time, but seems only way to do it so far… maybe i’m just too brainfogged for techie things sometimes

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay! Well done Colette and thank you for joining. Your daughter is one gorgeous looking girl 🙂 Your backyard squirrel reminds me of the squirrels that scurried around my front lawn and backyard back in Houston. The cheeky things were fearless. That catch with the rainbow is lovely.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Jacquie I’d been stewing over how I could join in with this and would it always be my just a front doorstep, back doorstep view… Reading your posts again ‘at some point in time’ leapt out at me. It could be quite healing and cheering to make posts from old photos… And maybe before too long I’ll be out again and have something more current. Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Precisely. A good number of us have moved about, we had past lives before now, so it will be a shame not to share pictures from before. I sorely regret not keeping a lot of my old photos with me due to moving around so many times. I am happy that you joined.

        Liked by 1 person

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