Going Home…

Leaving home, leaving for home … taken by me, Saturday 5th March 2016, 5am, on the train, on my way to visit my Mum.

I finally managed to get myself out and make my urgent visit home to see my Mum. She’d been home from hospital a couple of days and still not well enough to chat on the phone. Friday when I woke toward evening I just knew I had to snatch the chance, and instead of getting ready to sleep around 4am, have a taxi booked, get in it, get on a train and get myself home. Just for the day. It was no good me trying to plan for another time, another day as I have no reliability for planning. It felt like now or never.

I seized the day – and caught a fine few new photos along the journey too. It’s distracting from pain and discomfort to play with taking photos or video clips, focussing intently on the view, aspects of the travelling images flying by the window… looking out for some visual cue of a spot you’ve always hoped to capture while whizzing past and still probably missed it… but I made it home and back home again, going home both ways of the journey.

Now I’m stuck back in bed most of two days so far, travelling the course of symptom flares and exhaustion, attempting to regain some balance after self-inflicted over-exertion, but surviving the journey, home. My Mum is back in hospital, hopefully getting the treatment she needs. Hopefully I’ll be making that journey again, sometime soon.

Right now, I’m back home, with my dog, planning rest, nutritional therapy and getting myself well enough to make the journey again.

Below are two photos I took last June when I signed up for Photo101 but wasn’t well enough to take part properly. These are from a batch of shots I’d taken around my home  and garden on 27th June 2015, attempting to find something that might fit every prompt.



My front door is symbolic of ‘home’ and represents security, safety and shelter.

It also symbolises confinement and to opposing extents both gratitude and despair (of the trappings of moving to this house and of having to leave my family home early in 2012).

below: my dog, Boo, enjoying some sunshine while guarding the back door and garden, watching me make my way through the early summer’s overgrowth, taking photos and assessing urgent need for garden maintenance.

20150627_082800 - Copy (3)
Cropped from a photo taken 27th June2015, it wouldn’t be home without Boo…

‘Home’ has so much potential as a prompt. As I look through old photos and things, I’ll maybe start collecting some together that signify in other ways what ‘home’ means… and next time Photo101 starts, I hope to be well enough to get out taking photos, sign-up and attempt it again – maybe they’ll have new prompts by then…


13 thoughts on “Going Home…

  1. I was quite captivated by THIS line, Colette: “…but I made it home and back home again, going home both ways of the journey.” That is such an intriguing thought! Perhaps a photo theme? Or a book title: “Going Home Both Ways — the Journey.” Truly got my attention. Glad you were able to get out and see your mum.

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    1. I was going to make the hope of going to visit my ‘one magical day’ and while I achieved getting out to visit her, my mum wasn’t at all well enough to enjoy it. Now I pray she will have some better time left to have at least ‘one magical day’ together…


    2. Just a quick hello while checking for a file. I forgot to mention my mother’s prayer blanket. I’ve been stalling a post about it. That’ll make for a pleasant change and a breath of fresh air. Sometimes I’m sure I’m getting my priorities all wrong, but nevermind. Sometimes what one thinks is all wrong happens to be absolutely right. Life has a strange way of working itself out. By the way, I’m active elsewhere studying poetry again a little so building up ok to getting back to you all soon. I know I keep saying that – but I promise t try not to say sorry when I pop back in 🙂 Best wishes


  2. Hello! 🙂
    Hope your mother is doing well now! 🙂
    I can completely relate to your exhaustion as well as the homecoming! 😦 Keep healthy! 🙂

    Light and Peace,

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  3. So glad you made the trip. Hello to boo too! When I saw dad it took about 24hrs bus and layovers so hope to get back when bro is there summer. Oh for a car….work van I rarely drive. Trains sound so interesting though tracks at backyard here it is freight trains zooming by. Rest well dear neighbor traveler 🙂

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    1. 🙂 she didn’t realise she was in the pic or she would’ve turned away, she’s awkward like that. I was the far end of my yard, she was staying on guard for some reason 🙂 Mostly she knows to be gentle and is careful, but we get our fair share of licked faces too 🙂

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