Up my street…

These are the photos I failed to post for last June’s Photo101 for the prompt, ‘Street’.


For the photo above I was standing in the shadow of my house and captured the tree-shrouded view along the adjacent street. In the monochrome shots below I snapped the view to my right (but more interested in rooftops and cctv camera than the street level view) and to my left also. It was quite early on a Saturday morning with not a soul in sight other than myself.


20150627_063753 - cropped

I took these while learning how to use the camera on my newly obtained mobile phone (27th June 2015). The second monochrome photo is cropped from the original with almost two thirds of the picture being plain sky. The cropped version makes it appear much wider.

I’m sure if I dig through my archives I could find some better images to suit for this prompt, but these are ‘my street’.

I’d love to get out just for the sake of taking photos somewhere too… I’m sure I’ve not got the hang of taking establishing shots yet, I still just snap happy and hope for the best…


7 thoughts on “Up my street…

  1. I am just loving getting to see all the different places, it is so much fun to have an idea of how different blogger’s home areas are like, and way way dif than mine 😀 thanks for sharing. I may send people to my street post in lieu of neighborhood echoes this week……….on track and just got to do some biz paperwork for the man. (wanting badly to have My own Office assistant LOL. I think I saw lots of phone camera pix today through reader, commons links that visited me, i go try to visit them. Learning how to post faster so i can get on with the ‘work’ bah Gnite Gday Have good rest 😀

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    1. Thanks Sarah,I thought it might be nice to give regular readers a peek into my world. I’m enjoying looking at all the photo 101 posts that appear in the reader too, there’s such a variety 🙂

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