Sandbox Challenge 30 – the fairy godmother

My response this week is necessarily short. This week’s challenge post shows a picture of a gorgeous newborn baby and asks, ‘If you you were to give this baby something you lacked in early life, what would it be?’

godmother-23815_1280 I can’t think of anything I lacked in early life. I was brought into the world by two loving, newly married parents.I was cared for, fed, clothed, loved and educated.

Although we lacked plentiful money, it isn’t the most important thing for a child and there were many less well-off.

Maybe one thing I lacked and could wish for for a child, is to have extended family living near by and to grow up knowing grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins more closely than as occasional visitors. Although of course, as we all grow up and fly the nest, we’re tending to fly further away from our parents and siblings.

The only other thing I can think of  and would wish if for every child – is to grow up in a world of true humanity, at peace, with no wars, and no abject poverty.



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