Oh Dear! s’empathy[not-tea-n-cooka]pen-the Open Letter – Time!

Dear Someone,

I am a bit sorry for the writer’s tiff we had going off the other day. But I know MY writes – and they are my OWN. And I remember my original provider’s service user agreement RIGHT from the beginning, if not all the way through, but a basic enough gist of it, I hope. DO please correct me if I’m wrong. I know you don’t want to admit some things bound in fact, but some things can be verified. Complaints should be taken seriously immediately but don’t necessarily need the panic response in heightened alert approach. And sometimes they do. 

Anyway. A respected member and I were returning to our group space later sometime. [Verifiable]. This other person and I had some co-learner discussion we hoped to raise in your / our group setting. I had no idea they’d been blocked. i just happened to be around and a bit surprised to be awake at such time of day. I don’t know if the first thing they walked in with was a commenting bootcamp prompt to raise an argument or difficulties issue or something? Tags in comments are sometimes helpful too, as a ‘course’ identifier. (Does maybe sound like it could complicate things.)

Well, I just had to intervene before the spiral took hold. I didn’t know it was too little too late. I should have made an announcement should I – this member and myself wish to open a discussion post here regarding co-learning activity amongst members. And further discussion about why this person’s participation is considered inappropriate and somehow breaking certain rules. We can’t be asked to take that somewhere else and be shown the door in such a hurry can we? Please!

Now, in real life, I might have said ‘stop bitching and get back to your nice writer self cos you and/or we’re having a tea break or gardening leave moment or something soon – do you want one?’. But we weren’t in real life. So I can’t even see for sure who this ‘someone’ was, really! But I saw those words and names and now we all wrote some words and some of the most hurtful insults maybe just look like nothing at all.

So… to be contd…

[#b101, now then, I remembered to give myself permission to write this as a shitty first draft hopefully. How many more pages running on before I have to now whittle it down to something a bit better, concise and coherent?]





7 thoughts on “Oh Dear! s’empathy[not-tea-n-cooka]pen-the Open Letter – Time!

    1. Er, thank you – I’d better check I made my edits correctly on my post. I wasn’t expecting intrigue. That’s probably a compliment I didn’t mean to raise concern. Hope all’s well with you, i’ll be over to you when not quite so busy with another study project. Assessment work to complete next couple of weeks #blogging101 onward. Cheers 🙂

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      1. Lol, no there is no real current tiff. I’m doing a creative writing mooc with IWP and so drawing on different experiences. Also with a co-learning -blogging-group for taking email courses together now we have no commons 🙂 Having to make a lot of experimental writing, but expecting most of my blogging friends are already aware I’m a bit weird in my posting style 🙂 cheers, I’ll be in touch soon for (maybe private) sandbox postings and hope you’re having a lovely summer. Very best wishes :)x

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      2. In some ways maybe. But I expect it has to do with strengthening blogging community networking and less reliance on forum-dependence or something. Stream-lining and efficiency probably has a lot to do with it. My latest found poem for one of my current mooc courses is now posted http://wp.me/p7fZBz-8O (that’s my blogging101 extension blog! not new, just forget to tell anyone i was there too!)


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