One Lovely Blog Award

With thanks to Paul (wwwpalfitness) for kindly nominating my blog for this award… (to be continued)… I struggle with procrastinating these things so the lazy reblog button and post-haste-post seems best. (I did think I displayed an award-free blog somewhere, but if I can’t see it easy now and anyway it’s quite nice to be thought of and to have been nominated.)

While I’m trying to pick up my blog reading habit again, I’ll return to this post to link fifteen nominations (as soon as possible). The chances are, if you’re reading this now, I’ d probably likely nominate your blog if I’d visited for a read, so in the meantime, I’d be very glad for you to pick-up a gratis nomination and pingback/link /comment to let me know 🙂 

Are there any interesting facts about me? I have to find seven!

  1. As a young child I was afraid of Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men.
  2. I sometimes managed to climb a tree, but getting down again was always a problem.
  3. I have just (these last few weeks) fallen in love with Walt Whitman and happily completed my first certificated mooc with UIowa’s IWP.
  4. I love alliteration, but if I had to present myself as a chimera, I might not wish to  cross a squirrel, a snail and a spider… or some other things… and those sss sounds should have been alliterated better …
  5. I believe in “wearing it out like a three-year old” (and occasionally really  listen to Alanis Morrisette) but am more worn-out like a 93 year old might be(!)
  6. Being a grandmother isn’t as interesting as it might sound(!) but it certainly has its moments.
  7. I have no idea why, when or how my kids both overtook me in ‘becoming a grown-up’…

So, on my to-do-list, nominations… I might make that a new post, linking back to this one, so that anyone choosing to accept via the reblog method can do so…

Cheers again Paul, I always enjoy a visit to your blog – your workout stuff wears me out just to see it, but poetry is always wonderful therapy and I look forward to reading more of yours again soon 🙂


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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