Sandbox Writing Challenge through to 54

Well, doing the Sandbox Review #4, I get as far as what surprises me most is realising how many I missed along the way to this not an end but another new beginning point.

Looking back at challenge #53 suggests my limited playtime in the Sandbox trying sometimes to write through these journalling-type prompts leaves me with a legacy of past responses to revisit and have a think about, while probably deciding to somehow journal with these again from the beginning somehow else (and maybe privately, or within a reading group or…). I don’t want to leave anything behind, but I might take my time with it, as usual… but somehow skipping the actual question yet again…

I was really glad to read over at Impromptu Promptlings that from September 20th, the Sandbox Challenge will be continuing, with prompts based on a new book. In the meantime, there are a couple of blogger-inspired exercises to have a play with: (1) A New Me! I would like a new me and wonder that I might write myself new on my Cubic theme blog. I’ll link that up here, but you might have to guess (or request) the password, if there is one. (2) to be announced, so this post wasn’t quite the final fling of sand in the sandbox before the new round begins (20th Sep.).

And of course, for starting again anew, or ‘hopping in wherever we like’, there are all these wonderful past-prompts to (re)visit too.




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