Someone’s cooking up a storm in a teacup

… and I’m so F’d off with bogus bull and balderdash! i’ve got no idea what ‘Daesh’ means, but some of the nice Americkky ladies over at them there darned online mooc wotsits, well, they sure as heck like there Emily Dickinson dash innit. A while back now an alterego-ic pal of mine, while co-learning elsewheres, stumbled upon an evangelistic cult type ‘charitable’ operation. Well. potentially so. Apparently, only allegedly.

So here’s another quick shitty first draft just to keep my finger in my pie, but not feeding it to anyone else while I might have GERMs, heaven forbid! for God’s sake! Dopey David Cameron did us no favours declaring the UK a ‘Christian country’ when the media mispelt his obvious ‘CUNTry’ spelling by forgetting the ‘O’ really did need excluding!!! FFS! Brits mostly only refer to God and Jesus when cursing which is why those using ‘blessings’ in good faith seem a bit weird to us over here. But y’can maybe sometimes ‘feel’ a good vibe even over the wire when a million miles away (or however many, cos my geography is awful, but I retain the right to use profound language in and from my home country and the LAW cannot remove natural native rights because this is NOT Australia! And profanity is a made up formalist’s word to convince the world that English English is ‘bad language! now that’s a funny thing too, innit… but no hot water and a kettle’s not so bad for all sorts of legitimate uses – just don’t invade at my doorstep! Lol, tea break time, methinks {but the artist who did ‘the tea break blog’ was not me and I don’t know them neither – reminded me of fishy ‘netts, or one o’ theirs from NTU’s shoddy office. Soz folks 😉

[Anyone one else concerned about “their” bizarre man-made weather experiments and washing away poor populations around the globe on some outdated industrial crimes against humanity plan? Seem like everyone’s too busy wih flippin’ Xmas shopping!]


2 thoughts on “Someone’s cooking up a storm in a teacup

    1. Erm, yup I think I was having one of those days! The mis-spelling is a long-standing English joke about the state of our nation, particularly worse whenever we have an inhumane Tory government. Apologies for any potential offence for my ‘religious’ reflections too! Hope you’re having a lovely Christmastime and a very Happy New Year to you all too 🙂


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