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I love the idea of joining in with an online ‘class’. however it can be incredibly exhausting to even participate during bedrest. It’s a bit too cold upstairs to get enough bedrest as might be good for  me and my dog downstairs has minimum welfare needs. We have no human equivalent of the RSPCA to provide minimum human welfare needs in the UK!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to just rely on willpower alone and ignore the horrendous biochemical neurological aspects of disease and all the co-existing medical conditions that occur throughout our lifetimes while the NHS refuse to diagnose and treat co-morbid conditions. That seems to be to not pander to our ideas of ‘hyperchondria’ and to fulfill their own devastating ‘CFS’ notions ie. to suggest that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is merely a condition of generalised fatigue that needs to further empower and enhance the job creation scheme that is both inadequate and insulting ie. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It is highly inappropriate and a complete waste of money other than for the clinically deprressed or generally ‘merely a bit tired’. Or as a co-existing diagnostic tool if only health provision were holistically and scientifically clinically derived and ethically-driven.

Anyway, I can neither afford these classes, nor can I keep up with a daily drawing attempt and then the IT use to post a sketch daily… I tried in #DrawingAugust2015 and was shattered each day as a result and moreso by the end of the month. Ok, it might not be what it looks like, especially when an adrenalin surge is getting the better of me – and you never get to see the negative imapcts when someone is bedbound as a result of small efforts.

Lately I’ve been having increasing Parkinson’s type effects too. So my quality of line is atrocious these days, and never was that great at times. I still haven’t been well enough to use high street materials bought in 2011 and can’t even move a few things to get to them (though I got as far Boxing Day as a local shop for essentials and some Xmas spirit for a treat, kicked a ball about a bit later with some kids to provide ad hoc ‘safe streets’ supervisory ad hoc volunteering, and slept over 24 hours as a result of small exertion, and resulting agonising after effects of pain and weakness (due to M.E.) of walking a fairly short distance set to continue maybe another couple of days yet – though I managed some of the washing up yesterday and a cook itself meal in the auto-timed mini-oven, burnt it a little quite nicely, but was definitely cooked enough.

Never mind.

I love getting these emails to continue with hope in my nothing much getting done at home or in the virtual world either! ‘Best laid plans of mice and men!’ I also remember Danny from having joined the msn community just before it closed! So, if you like drawing and can manage a daily effort and posting schedule and wish to join a creative community and can afford the fees, you might like these:


And here’s a drawing I’ve been making a little at a time, over the last few days, starting with a non-dominant hand drawn spiral, continuing with my dominant hand to try and capture something that resembles, for me, the spirit/faith-base of this time of year, popularly known as ‘Christmas’, shortened in UK colloquialism to ‘Crimbo’ in recognsing the criminal elements of religious practises and to ‘Quimbley’ for an honest alternative [ in my own native English ways of belief (non-Christian, as that seems to offend my/our historical native English belief); our original English tribes and villages and places of communal gathering, being non-denominational, non-Pagan etc, were being wiped out and destroyed by hierarchial forces sometime before the tenth century A.D. according to documentary evidence, citations needed and maybe to follow].

Unfinished doodle (c) ColetteB, TheWishingWell, December 2016 onwards

So, in remembrance of Cindy Wood, an American artist who made a blog called ‘Learning Daily’showing her art work (not returning in hasty search at mo, link to follow hopefully) Cindy was still able to continue drawing despite her own increasing age, severe ill health and chemotherapy effects, and I will keep trying but often feel hopeless in comparison [, but everyday life holds other essential demands for those of us ablebodied enough to get out of bed/out of the house to the yard/ food to our mouths somehow during each day and no-one to provide care means no carer = no need according to welfare and anyway, ’nuff said, I really must get something together better somehow along the way of today!]

Happy 5th day of Quimbley then, with best wishes, hopefully 🙂


By the way, so i don’t forget I achieved lots already, my latest post at BW https://blogging101alumni.wordpress.com/2016/12/29/commenting-on-individual-blogs/




Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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