Whatever might i call …

[…an 18minute post!?!]

Three minutes past midnight! Friday and the sixth day of Quimbley already! Crikey! how time flies!

With all good intentions, and failing as usual, I thought I should ‘make a leap’ again somehow, one way or another, but I got caught up with a cold can of…

has beans, a plenty… and no, not been hitting the xmas spirit, nor anything or anyone, cos I’m not that cross-crissed. Usually. Just sometimes. (In a  non-violent but kinda occasionally and accidentally only hurting m’sen kinda way!) Then things might have gotten a bit aloud out loud and is thinking allowed around these parts nowadays? … everything changes… so how so, now… and then some…

So I hit another snappin’ moment over at another play space today, tryin’ to get back into  the swing, and hopefully not hangin’ around, cos that’d take me way back to ‘weekendsdaycross’ and Weekday’s Cross is another heap o’story-telling yokelism too! i have yet to explore there better – and better still St. Mary’s, though the vibe’s not guaranteed to be good there neither!

click pic to visit my other ‘One4Fun’ 

Of course I had more to enjoy than crackers and shortbread and that’s not my Quimbley dinner nor my idea of decorating a table! So, with gratitude I’m fluffin’ it up here yet again, just for now…


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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