The Memory of Things…

There are so many good threads of potential to kick-start ideas and begin writing from Pam’s latest post at Blogger’s World.

“Perhaps all the things we choose to keep are metaphors for us”

Pam writes a creative writing post for Blogger’s World at least once a month, sometimes more often and they’re well worth revisiting -as are the other contributor posts for this feature. Often I get lost in thought and reflection and never quite get around to following through! I can be such a daydreamer! So this time I made a small start on paper and with a note to self to resolve that here and now. [I know I’ve a lot of stuff I’m behind with getting back to, but very good at distracting with another something else!]

I loved reading about ‘the blankie’ – that’s a term I’ve not heard in ages for a child’s comforter. My children each had their own. My youngest cut hers in half to wrap our cat when the cat died. As a young adult I was handed down the blanket I had on my bed as a child. I used it as the background in an arrangement of ‘special objects’ as an art student for a still-life painting task. Maybe I’ll dig out that tatty-edged painting on a better energy day…  Although that blanket of mine was never an object of emotional security previously, it became so in more recent years, since the break up of my longterm relationship several years ago now.

I could have maybe shared the tale of the shawl my mother was wrapped in as a baby and how I kind of ruined it. She handed that down to me while I was pregnant with my first child. He’d been in the neo-natal unit for several weeks after his premature birth and within a few days of being home he suffered a life-threatening double-hernia. I’d wrapped him in the shawl before we left to get back to the hospital and I had to beg for it not to be sent to ‘clinical waste’ for being covered in his bile(!) Hot-washing it removed the stain, left it sanitised, but shrunk it, compacting it’s lacy pattern. But I still have it!

A photo taken in my garden during September 2015 with my mobile phone. Another thing not to lose!

Essentially, when I began thinking of what I might write, I was so reminded of the plight of so many who are made homeless, or who have had to flee devastations of various types, perhaps with very few possessions, perhaps with only the clothes they were wearing. I was also speaking in recent days with a new acquaintance about how their previous landlord had stolen the entirety of their belongings.

So, if I could only pick one item to save, as an object, I’d have to wish to save my home. It’s the only one thing I can decide for sure that I might feel desperate to hang on to. If I can only pick one thing. I’m very fortunate indeed to have a home to hold on to. And in spite of all it’s ‘faults’ and ‘lackings’, I do appreciate it and it makes for a wonderful little ‘eco-house’ just as it is!

I guess that’s me being entirely greedy, picking the largest possible item that I hold possession of! By nature, I’m a bit of a hoarder and can’t afford to lose or replace anything… I lost quite a lot enough when I was forced to leave my family home behind and resettle here at this home. And in an emergency situation, I would definitely risk my life to save my dog, but never forget to not endanger oneself for the sake of objects!

I’ve written something new here and ignored what I had down on paper so far. That’s how it goes. I don’t usually prepare, because that’s what always happens, I carry away with something else! A bit like writing a shopping list, having it in my hand and completely forgetting it’s even there until after I left the shop!

I might return to this stories of stuff/memories of things topic another time – it is good for practise and I might try a twist with it! Thanks again to Pam Kirst, (blog-author of CatchingMyDrift) for the inspirational prompting!

Until next time, now I seem to have resolved tech issues 🙂


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