The memory of things

Elevenses! I’m a bit late with…

Never mind. Toast soon!


I wonder if my young eldest bezzy friend remembers I told him I still have his bevvie glass here! I can still remember the day we picked it up from a promo, paid for of course with the price of a few happy meals! We didn’t go there often, but it was often enough for a few memorable occasions and we could always fib and say it was simply ‘an ethical choice’!

Oh look! There’s a book by my bed! I don’t actually read much enough! That one has some good or not good advice and sarcastic wit to reflect on if I get stuck for ideas and need some agony to work at.It reminds me of a column somewhere, was it Marje… or …?

Books get too heavy and my brain just won’t follow linear things. But i had enough head injuries along the way of life that it’s no wonder the darn engine slips into neutral so often! I shouldn’t even expound on that spider! He featured nicely elsewhere.

The very last of my Xmas spirit went into that glass, about a double measure with plenty cola (the other brand – from our village shop!) I forgot it wasn’t afternoon at about 4 or 5 this morning, and it was just before 7am in the real world where we still go by summertime when I woke half the street up la-la-ing in the scullery!

Then I tried to sort an issue online and messed myself up talking to a machine and expecting it to work a small miracle! Life! Never mind. ..

Curtains? actually it’s a scarf. It’s done very well at that window. (ok, so it’s not Habitat or JL enough for some.). But there. Probably not expensive enough at the time although quite. Supposedly ethically sourced from a stall holder couple who made them theirselves. That’s easier to say tho’ than admitting if they were sourced in the developing world on the cheap.

But I expect they were being honest looking at the other stuff they definitely seem to have been making for that event. A really nice gentleman gave my small boy a healing crystal – he wouldn’t accept money for it. Healers often won’t accept money, unless it’s their ‘trade’ time and charges then are usually fair. There are a lot of rip-off merchants in the world these days, usurping alternative and ethical belief systems, and probably always has been that way.

I bought that scarf at a summer motorcycle festival, so many years ago now, with a vintage custom bike show and some shit-hot bands playing! I still got the badge, Tshirt and programme too, somewhere! That was quite a long time ago now. That dye should have faded with the sunlight if the window was the opposite side of the house.

I’ve been meaning to raise a TOAST post for ages! But that’s all there is, and I glugged it hours ago. Somewhere, there’s a plate full of crumbs. Only a photo – but plenty of bread in the freezer so toast and pepper for late elevenses as soon as I concentrate while making my way to it… Meanwhile, my coffee’s going cold downstairs …


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