The memory of The Thing Is…

… y’know how crazy it is queuing at a ticket office office for how many hours knowing it’s not even gonna yield a good seat and hoping the view is not too obscured…

… or waiting to checkout for that ONE bargain item you really must JUST  acquire…

… or standing in line for an ice lolly when all there is left is ICE CREAM!

Through a glass darkly…

Life can be so darned frustrating! “Prioritise!” 



“Why not offer a transcript? You could just hand it over tomorrow, perhaps?”

This is my sketchbook page, reverse of a ‘transcript’, if you can see what IT means, you’re a better man than ME! (seems silly to put a ‘copyright’ mark on it when I intend giving preview lo-tech nonthings away as soon as my site is ready for development stage from CONTINGENCY unit 0.1.i

Something and nothing… and on the other side of the “QUOI?” “Teeline?

In tried and tested methodology, by LONGhand is quicker – but easier to decipher!

Fishing4soup! Yes! it is, like fishing for soup! We are expected to just believe that the hierachial societies and their unethical production and distribution strategies are somehow ethically and appropriately determined.

Everything must continue just so?

So, what?

Whatever next! The other side will only make sense in Sketch!

It’s all I was aiming to show for another first transcript. Instead, spending the equivalent of a whole working week (ie. those JUST 16hours !) for the sake of making a small purchase while there’s enough rainy day cash in the bank to manage fine.

The question is not but how will you manage? 

The question is, how does this PLATFORM inspire confidence and ability to proceed and continue a not yet obsolete creative development PLAN?

  • #blogging101/blogging201
  • there is no facility to learn and practise advanced CSS (for just ONE reason) without facilitating a ‘pro’ type package to develop my previously outlined development model and determine an ethical standard of product/service PROTOTYPE.
  • You mean you EXPECT me to waste paper and ink, make it on PAPER?
  • Then just get out and about and SPREAD it all around? PHYSICALLY? Are you serious!?
  • Ok! I have to untick TWO boxes and that is all. So tomorrow, when I try THAT…?
  • Next small step then…? Well, a year to learn “How to MAKE it WORK?” 
  • Sometimes, the only thing that seems to make sense, might appear to make no sense at all! (Can you just trusr I know what I know if you know what I means, … but the hierarchial answer to that conundrum is most usually that fat, flat, NON!
  • So, fail again and fail better then!… But ‘please do not fall…’ is ariving at platform #who knows where, why, whenever…

#drawings – and based on previous knowledge, understanding and experience (you do KNOW what ‘drawings’ means if you makes/takes them…) THEN… (I need that plan by tomorrow and then to proceed. Slowly but surely toward THAT goal. If the pre-pack were suitable for PROTOTYPEs then it would still be an inaccessible stationary package for a couple of very, very good reasons. Everyone else pushes for elsewhere, but I learnt my TRUST and much more HERE and HERE.

[I don’t need you to try and check it out for me. and when PROTOTYPE developments are underway I still need my personal palygrounds here, community are fellow passengers of ACQUAINTANCESHIP and rule number 1 is?

Respect for All, first and foremost. Secondly, never mix business with p’leisure!

Colette B. [live online, 17:52! Here!]

Back to reality and back soon sometime…!


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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