The memory of things


I came across my loose page the other day. I’ve been in health decline ever since I moved to this house. It’s a shame. Especially as it seems to have been a deliberate public-service/state-led ploy with full knowledge of the impacts of my lifelong disabling medical condition. The Equality Act 2010 has offered no protection whatsoever. But then, when you (I) find a healthy looking lady on LinkedIn using my name and what might be my qualifications from my (historic) attendances at local community education and training courses … well! Government to blame? Acquaintance(s)? Is this why my clinical medical record is denied? Or because I’m one of the research subjects whose genetic information was included in a top secret document that is being withheld from the British public – previously until 2025, now because we’re still alive and kicking it’s not being released until 2064 or something! Cheeky fuckers never even had my permission as a 13 to 17year old and never had my parents permission either!!! (That other lady using my name didn’t exist when I first checked for potential ID theft, I don’t believe she’s using WordPress, but she is practising professionally in some kind of field – a criminal one! -previously there was just a potential fraudster posing as a genetic scientist in Cornwall but that could have been a coincidence or just a piss-take because I was in the process of writing an article on familial incidents of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I probably will find this won’t even post now because neither of main party of British government and possible US government / the World Health Organisation / the pharmaceutical industry would want an honest person trying to share any true factual information about their own patient expertise! it isn’t even actually what i would wish to blog about. But I do wonder why my stolen certificates have potentially been allowed to be used by someone else – and I do have other means of verifying that I attended those courses because I keep everything – notes, assessmentt forms and even have the photos the tutors etc gave me of our class during attendance! God! England is such a bogus shithole it’s unreal!!!


6 thoughts on “The memory of things

  1. Good grief, girl! When did you find out all of this? Is there not anything you can do to stop this person from using your information? Or does that require big bucks which you don’t have? And is there something about the house itself that caused your health to decline when you moved in there? I mean like mold or something?


    1. Oh dear, didn’t mean to worry you with my rant! Unfortunately it’s just England. People with salaries following bogus orders and not doing their human duty. Government’s been working to erode human rights every time the Tories are in power! They get further each time. My landlord are good in many respects but have lots of problems with sustaining housing for low-income tenants too. They get blamed for actions of others too. When I can earn money I can probably buy my home then I can have things sorted to continue the eco-house initiative. Hopefully. No way of moving other than to be homeless. Yes house affected my health in start but so had previous social housing before my commonlaw divorce. All very long and complicated! Very worriec for Anericans with all recent changes too. So hope you and yours are ok. I will get back for a good read when i’m better able to concentrate 🙂 I’ve not made any sandbox responses even privately yet! But … I will one of these days! Miss you all and i’ll get over to your blogs one day soon. Cheers Calen :)x


    1. Hey! Hope you and yours are all ok. Saw news item briefly this morning about big bad storm somewhere in your area. Unless i misread the location or misremembered the detail. Anyway, best wishes neighbour. I’ll have to remember to email you before weekend – i’m usually checking more regularly but bloglinks fill up pages! Hopefully catch up with u soon.

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