The Memory of the Thing Is (2)

I’m not having a lot of luck over on my blog in the Sketch theme and for some reason the ether ate my photo of a drawing I made yesterday and tried to share there this morning, along with a poem. I’ve put that on Facebook in order to try sharing it with the mooc community as it was a response to an excercise. I liked it better in the purple font I drafted it with, but had typed it into notepad then pasted it over to get the line spacing how it needed to be and my dashboard locked down and I had another stressy wasted day trying to resolve whatever in my settings was making stuff weird again.

You might not want to read it on Facebook, or at all, but here it is again.

Or it was. And now its gone. What IS going on at WordPress? Did I slip on my mobile phone screen while trying to post? I have lots of problems using this although I have managed a small few times. Oh well. Another post losing MY content! I’ll get my poem on here sometime when something works. Its at my public personal facebook (colette.bates.58) not to mix me up with my virtual volunteer. Cuz. Tho I’m mixing me up fine all by myself! It opens fine in the window  there above.

I got stupidly overly concerned that it (post prevention and photo-uploads vanishing) was some kind of political overanxious control from the totalitarian DTrumpUS freakystuff that our media-hype is leading us to maybe believe. As if there could be a yankeetakeover of the UK – the good women of nearNotts with their potato mashers are enough to scare off any threat, so legend has it!

I’m wondering if I should bother with much else if it’s going to be shoddy at this draughty old run-down station. There are holes all over this platform. Is it some silly bitches’ stilettoes? They tend to be ruinous with all kinds of floors!


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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