Passing the Finishing Post this Spring Bloggiesta

Oh yes, I made it through to the end and can even catch some sleep having finished my targeted mini-challenge activity by 00:12am almost 5 hours before 25th March ends in the challenge host’s time zone. I wondered I might have to adopt EST for my deadline. Thankfully I made good time – although I did drop some of my task/workload along route.

I’m making this my wrap-up post and keeping it as brief as possible but will be heading to page space to follow through with additional write-ups I’ve yet to complete/draft. What you might expect to find not in posts here but at  Spring Bloggiesta 2018 Pages (remaining within this site) other than the current announcement that I need to catch up on my sleep and to please try again… here are some things I decided so far:

  • Afterthoughts on the themes of the two Twitter chat parties I attended in real time (so  possibly no part two post, or not as soon as planned, following my part 1 Q&A post on themes of two that I didn’t attend). The themes to cover are (1)Memes, Events and Challenges and (2)Accessibility. I found entering both discussions really useful and quite enjoyable – and I got some much needed practise in using my twitter during this type of real-time event.
  • Some screenshots and write-up on my efforts for the mini-challenge ‘Oh My!’ (I shortened it’s title). SUMMARY: It really was oh my! I had never used the bulk editor in 3 years, barely ever tweaked my tags or categories other than eg. to occasionally add one or two to an old post if I happened across the need. Bringing my focus back to targeted activity aiming to remove categories that were also tags enabled me to meet the task brief in good time. It has made it look so much neater both front and back-end. I’ve also identified other targeted tweaks I can make in that area and now have confidence in using the bulk quick-edit facility in my dashboard. This blog probably has the highest number of posts of all my blogs so this task at the others should be easier and I will be getting round to it before much time passes, hopefully. I didn’t spot anywhere much that I could try the category to tag converter as mostly I’d used a certain group of keywords as both category and tag. I’m going to try making a habit of checking more regularly than once in three years and wondering if monthly or quarterly would be better. Completing this mini-challenge also actively improved something on my sidebar too via the Category drop-down widget. Not much more to say in that page now other than I’ll need to tackle ‘uncategorised’ items next focus-task – but the number has reduced. [I might edit this’summary’ down, tomorrow.]
  • I made an extra last minute visual change too, as soon as I’d sorted those category issues. Might be nice to put the before and after screenshots up for the positive impacts of that small task.
  • I ended up scrawling notes for a blog security plan after reading Your BSP mini-challenge post, so I’ll be adding a write-up for that. So I declare two Bloggiesta mini-challenges completed. I’ll be backing up my blog via the export file as soon as I’ve posted this and actually entering some dates into my spare pocket diary that I intend using for important blogging task scheduling. Nothing in it yet so far all year while I slacked off and I hope it’s still where I think I last placed it(!)
  • Anything else I might have mentioned in previous posts or have noted along the way in offline formats.

I’ve really got to close this post and get my Zeds soon …zzz… I’ve had my final nibbles and cake of the party after mostly fasting for two days for whatever reasons partying like this goes fast – but with nibbles 🙂

Looking at the Master list, I should have just used that as I could now tick all those items off fine and not appear to have anything lingering or lacking (providing I count my blog posts of my participation efforts as ‘reviews’). My list’s wide approach hasn’t been a bad thing – but I could have made it easier on myself. I’ll learn. Eventually.

#Bloggiesta was a really good challenge event to join in with, I’m glad I finally made it to one in just enough time. It’s so much more fun tackling blog maintenance this way, as a participant in a group event.

I’ll hope to be around in time better for the summer Bloggiesta challenge. Somehow in things like blogging101 I avoided practising some of these maintenance things even though I kind of learned the theory of them. Maybe at times of having much less content it was seeming much less necessary – or I was blind to the need while being so personally content-driven – and no content plan.

Looking at the time it’s 4am! At least I’m ahead now (after some editing, 4:45am, UK time) and no need to write my finale post tomorrow, er, I mean later in the day – oh no I don’t, I apparently adopted 23:59 EST as my target time to feel like it’s still within 25th March challenge time scale…

Thank you Bloggiesta peeps! And thank you too for stopping by…Bye for Now, I’ll be back … (prepping for A to Z and following through on things…).



4 thoughts on “Passing the Finishing Post this Spring Bloggiesta

    1. Thanks. It’s not as much as I set out to do really but I was happy – I’ve been putting off those efforts for too long so it was about time. Next time I’m managing my time better and not partying every spare moment of the weekend to catch up 🙂


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