Photo Post for Mundane Monday #153

A mundane photo taken at an odd angle for my interest in the curving lines of the kerb and the straight lines of a metal barrier jutting into the image on the top right side quarter, making a shape as if the hands on a clock pointing to 5 past 3 but four thin diagonal lines and another horizontal almost give the appearance of a hatched or line-shaded area. In the bottom left corner I see the bright pink of my shoes and the blurred edge of my light coloured clothing. These and the greys of kerbstone and metal lines of the barrier contrasting against the dark colours and textures. of the wet tarmac surfaces of the pavement and road. There is a tiny sprinkling of green moving across the photo just above halfway from the left edge as Nature forces through the cracks in the pavement in the form of moss and small wild plants and weeds as if drawing her own lines at this point.
My feet on my street, January 2018

This is my photo for the challenge this week at:

Extra idea here:

I was wondering on this image while posting it. How to describe this picture for alt text? Anyone interested in an accessibility challenge? I don’t mean you have to describe the image to answer that question, but please go ahead if you wish to do so. Want to challenge me to attempt describing one of your images? Feel free to please leave a comment if so.


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