Az Arrangement…

Still Life with a Twist~A~

An Alder Arrangement Albeit… Flowers!

An arrangement of pink and purpley flowers in a simple clear glass vase with a heart shaped balloon placed in the arrangement displayed against a lilac wall
photographic reference for future still life making (painting/drawing/mixed media…?)

ALL April postings with images will be screenshots of my photos to assist my readers who have only mobile data access. Alt text descriptions included are sadly unavailable audio for sighted readers without the ASSISTIVE technologies to ACCESS those AREAS…

That’s all for today, but at least I wasn’t ABSENT, not quite absent-minded, ATTENDED, ATTENDING next… (and this not being the post i planned, but life sometimes gets in the way!)

[word count = 90. hooray!]

ALSO, and ADDITIONALLY, I published that photo here at this blog previously if you’d like to see the full quality image, I just realised I can make that more accessible for sighted readers – but not sure if I remembered my ALT Text  at this link:

Not AIMing for that max 250 words and blog-hopping AS soon AZ…