Az Bottle and Brush

April 2018's A to Z challenge badge for the letter B

Still Life with a Twist ~B~

Best i open this post with a quote. I was browsing one of my art text books, ‘Chinese Painting’ by James Cahill, (a secondhand BOOK, only to hand as I used it in RBRC on 1st.)

“Set forth your heart without reserve, And your brush will be inspired…”

“…Metamorphosed by his unreined hand, finished in an instant.”

T’ang Hou, a 14th century(?) theorist

I found only one small instant from the book I could utilise for ‘still life’ influences but some pics to share readied soon as I’ve breakfasted!

I thought I was ‘stuck’ for inspiration today, until I realised what was staring me in the face, easily to hand in my bathroom (resource box, pictured below – removed the board and added the books and slightly contrived with small rearrangement of items…photographed on my bathroom windowsill where the light is best in whole house. Has to be my drawing room soon…

contents of resource box containing art materials, things beginning with the letter B such as blackboard, black marker pen, blue biro pen, ball of yarn, note books

 The 2017 sketched image showing on the open page of my notebook used another artist’s photo of sculptural 3 dimensional work (or architectural relief) – with permission to repost my own drawing, it’s similar but not a good likeness of the work I used for reference.

items placed in preparation for making this post,please return to text body for image detail.

Gathering potential sources for ‘B’ on my BLANKET… small A6 sketchbook showing Budweiser BOTTLE sketched 2009, (left side coloured pencil drawing of a blooming flower,distorted by shadow falling on photo of my hands holding camera, BOOK for reference, with the word Painting showing from the title (Chinese Painting by James Cahill), BISCUITS at the ready with a snack pack of shortbread fingers in a red tartan patterned packet and Being British and multicultural society here. As are we all mostly I imagine. [Not quite an adequate visual description for the partially sighted, with my apologies. I’ll try to make things BETTER…]

That’s all for today’s ~ B…



Mundane Monday’s Photo in lieu…

I haven’t been over yet to check for Monday’s Mundane photo challenge prompt but as it’s open all week and entries are welcome any day of the week in response I can let the prompt settle (once I get it) and try a new photo to that prompt rather than searching my past snaps.

grey sky above treeline snapped from my upstairs window

By way of a second pic, you might only get another angle on BOXES or kicking boxes, in case I get hot water for describing need for rest as ‘kick-boxing’ trying to make myself look strong enough for that kind of fun sporty stuff and a bit self-defense capable 😀

angled photo of text on a cardboard box, reads 'small, shown within a software frame while screenshotting my photo using MSPaint

this also relates to the A-Zch… otherwise all you’d get is this kind of pic again – and again screenshotting my photo for my readers stuck on mobile data plans awaiting better services…

The whole image is within the software frame of Microsoft Photo, a screenshot image showing imageinfo and image detail of a chalkboard drawing of a banana, a scuffed and frayed tennis ball, some AAbatteries,, a small decorative black trinket box, and toward the right side of a bright pink art-store-box, a small pack of children's colour chalks and a sponge for the chalkboard

… and here’s my blog  link, The Wishing Well in the WordPress Reader where your data use may benefit from the theme-stripping. I’m not a stats-oriented blogger so don’t feel concern for that issue on my behalf – I sometimes prefer the view of my blog in the Reader myself actually but don’t read it there often while at home with wifi, hoping I can hold onto it to – still not found my mobile phone and not ready to replace it! Gotta be here somewhere!)

[23;05, away to skywatching post and Quick Limerick to type in elsewhere then my B post for AZ… erm, yup, how to make it easier on m’sen… back soon!






Besides and because…(not AZ!)…

BECAUSE I’m hopeless after intense efforts and over-challenge myself, after bloggiesta-feasting last weekend, I failed every AIM for prepping my A to Z challenge posts (ie. making space and getting to back of storage) – although I did set myself up to fail in my theme reveal post by alluding to my BECKONING want for ADHOC spontaneous posting.

I lost myself to reading a very fine post for the A to Z Challenge response from Calansariel at yesterday – er, early morning actually while my sleep cycle’s flipped again to US time zones- a fave regular read at Calen’s if ever I can get myself to reading blogs enough. I loved that first post (but can’t believe I actually looked for an album title in that wonderful moment of a ‘House…’ phrase!).

I’d wondered about musical reflections for my challenge but too easily losing myself with music and diverted my attention away from music after deciding the letter A would have to be ‘Applejack’ by Dolly Parton  as one childhood special fave tune AND ‘Anarchy for the UK’ by one of my all time fave bands. Punk, of course!

Then i decided that attempting to appeal to both my perceptions of Americanised cultural audiences and those of us with cultural tastes founded in native British and Emerald Isles influences and traditions and realising the circularity of such issues. Decided to leave it well alone because some reader judgements based on musical choices are just stupid to worry over and fundamentally significant all at once.

Anyway, enough of that.  You get a much better read at promptlings’ articles  via that earlier link above. I always look forward to getting myself back there. And here: the theme at James Proclaims is one not to miss this month too! UK childhood/teen nostalgia moments…fantastic! And very comfortable visit with easy to find AZ posts from the April drop-down in the sidebar, on his homepage view i think.

I have to make my rounds for A and B and so missing my tea-time deadline again! it’ll be here, I’ve prepped my photos but still deciding what’s going in that post and am I making extension pages now or after the fact – 2nd option most likely but I’ll only know in the doing so… a bloghop link share post would have slotted in here for A had I made one and I’ve a couple of other commitments to meet first. Then I’ll be back with a quick AZ … it is possible, and so will BE…

BELATED again [9pm now!] apparently with this post while I left it in the dashboard and this not even being today’s AtoZch…post … just stuff to get out of my system first so i can focus and narrow down to that all essential B-ing…today’s post.  After the lieu, stop.

[i need to make myself a list post for A-Zchallenge blogs i follow already, then move onto NEW blogs to visit from the A to Z challenge site! And wondering about accessible links for mobile data users via the WPReader too, so I might post some of those in the days to follow although you could try the tag in the Reader to find challenge responses without my assistance I’m sure, perhaps…]

I’m only aiming for ONE finished art work to make in the scope of this challenge by the way! Er… next then…