Az Chinese whispers and Composition studies…

April 2018's a to Challenge badge for the letter C from the annual event's website at A to Z challenge dot com click image to visit the challenge host's webpagesStill Life with a Twist ~C~

CONTEXTUAL information: In my previous post I quoted from a translation of a COLOPHON (a textual note added to the artist’s work by a viewer). Material I selected for yesterday’s post appears to CONCUR with suitable placement within the letter ‘C’ and posting early morning for CONTINUITY…

chalk sketched outline of a banana on a black board with a pack of six children's coloured chalks and sponge placed on the board next to the drawing (made in 2016) Chalk drawing (of a banana, not a chilli pepper) made quickly by me during one of my last playtimes with my young grand-daughter around summer 2016. I needed to erase the drawing and make more, as I’d intended this chalkboard for myself, to practise drawing on, and left her with her own to play with at her home having bought us one each that day. (I do have artist’s pastels and stuff for ‘proper art’ but don’t like wasting material resources, nor making ‘art for art’s sake’.)

CONGRUITY: My most recent drawing tutor (2012/2013) asserted that my choice of still life objects tend toward incongruity. He meant they’re non-commercial subject matter I think. I had intended making some drawings beginning with composition studies, but used my CAMERA instead of sketchbook explorations… I like the idea of digital CAPTURE,  so my image is real and virtual until erasing the physical version for new space – and not wasting too much chalk so far CLEARLY.

I’d like to COMMENCE  my drawing attempts using yesterday’s collection of (my) things beginning with the letter B…

items on a windowsill with a wave patterned net curtain behind them: there is a balding and frayed tennis ball with silver and blue AA batteries 3 standing and 5 fallen down at differing angles, next to a black decorative trinket box.

The book I referenced had only very tiny areas of ‘still life’ subjects within the paintings and I found the section shown below especially interesting as a potential influence…

Cropped from a section of an overall painting by  Ch’en Hung-Shou  (alleged / recorded years of life 1599-1652, with known discrepancies of the ‘factual’ basis of such chronological info). The bookplate from which these images are derived shows a section of a small silk handscroll, entitled ‘Homecoming’ and were sourced by the compiler/publisher (1995, first edition 1960) via Honolulu Academy of Arts.

a small section from the bottom right corner of a Chinese painting entitled Homecoming by Ch'en Hung-Shou who lived until the age of approximately 53 years during the first half of what we call the 17th century.

The almost COMPLETE section as shown in the book is represented by this second screenshot I made of my photo. I particularly liked the shape of the page as shown below:

fullest available image here of the handscroll painting by or of Chen Hung-Shou, approximately 17th century artefact, visual(describing planned for near future).

I’m intrigued now by the colophons occurring in the bookplate image and the origin and true meaning of that word and perhaps its modern misuse/adaptation.

A quote to close with from the reference source, ‘Chinese Painting’, author James CAHILL:

“The mind of the artist, and not the bamboo or the landscape, is the real subject of the picture.”

[NB: I include these images in good faith, under terms of Fair Use (personal, educational and non-commercial use only) as applicable under English and UK Law; considering the special significance of the extracted image, the overall image from which it was obtained and the oral history the bookplate and the original painting represent. It is marked with what are perhaps historical Royal / State seals, not shown in full on the page. Please do not republish these images without paying equal and due concern for such issues of respect for the original image source, the published origination of these derived images and copyright laws as might apply regionally / nationally / internationally. I accept no liability nor to be held accountable or responsible for misuse of these images by other individuals, groups, organisations etc. having posted these images within the context of this blog post.

My screenshots of the photos I have taken of the book page are not a full quality copy of the bookplate, not a good representation of the colours shown in the book and is slightly distorted by not flattening the page for the purpose of displaying something of the image here at my blog. I accept full responsibility for publishing these images within my personal blog post and intend writing more at a later date while reflecting my personal studies of the textual CONTENT and making my own literary interpretations of the visual material over the longer future term. The publisher’s declaration is at the very least incompatible with personal use rights within the context of English Law and seems an absurdity given the belonging of the images to the history of China and the provenance of the artefact is uncertain until I perhaps attempt further research on the issue.]

I will be making more substantial visual describing on Sunday to improve upon the basic alt text I provided for these images.

I will remove the images if legally obliged and instructed by valid court enforcement, but expect this would not be necessary and hope not to need to resort to making a sketched copy for the pressures of time and personal energy.

Apologies for extending my word COUNT to make my dis-CLAIM-er…