Az Expressions of Endearment

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Still Life with a Twist ~E~

a bright yellow dandelion floor in full bloom  against the blurry background of wild greenery in the garden during May 2017

Still Life in the ENVIRONMENT

(Full quality photo for the image in this screenshot in next post for MMPC challenge entry)

I was wondering on placing objects to draw against or around previously made artefacts (i.e. a painting or drawing or needleworking fabric). That would make for ‘Expressions of Endearment’ if I chose those items of sentimental personal value as background or setting along with other objects of personal significance, whatever they might be at the time.

EXPLORING my photo folders and finding the image used above (from a photo taken in May 2017)  I then considered placing objects out in the garden among similar EXAMPLES of wild flower and perhaps making Still Life studies of those. Similarly a print of  a photo background could be used but the EXTERNAL option would probably be a better EXPERIENCE to endeavour with. (It’s not good dandelion time until hopefully Spring arrives in May, although Spring flowering also occurred during Autumn last year.)

I was perusing my (inadequate) Dictionary of Art and Artists and wondering why I’d circled the artist ERNST Barlach all those years ago while at college … and pondered on knowing I like Max ERNST’s works usually I think – and of course Baroness ELSA… I must learn more about her contemporary art and poetry having discovered the Duchamp connection / displacement around that ever infamous Urinal… although controversial I might ELUCIDATE another day. EXCUSING myself again at this point. Happy ENDING here, until tomorrow’s EARLY AtoZ post. [250]