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F (A-Z-2018)

Still Life with a Twist ‘F’

Friday’s image for the letter ‘F’ is from my fankfully FOUND old mobile phone camera and  very low resolution so not screenshotting it. I’ll be having to use it again as I was out photographing skies on Tuesday in what must have been solar FLARES and should have put my camera into its’ protective case before re-entering the house. It FLICKERED as I crossed the stairway and I nearly had a FALL feeling very unwell with it at the time. By the by. I should have known better as I read Scott Nicholson’s book ‘First Light’ a couple of years ago.

While taking my time with making FROTTAGE to frow at some subject matter I decided to fling up an old still life sketch, rough, of course. I drew this in January 2013 having prepared some dinner with FRESH ingredients.

quick pencil drawing of a circular wooden chopping board with carrot peel and emptied garlic bulb skin across the centre of the board. A peeling knife and a vegetable knife lay diagonally across the top right of the picture, their handles extending beyond the picture space. The page is held to a clipboard so the bulldog clip is a dark narrow rectangle at the top of the page.

I’ll have to take a better photo really and/or get around the surreal version I was going to make from my ‘visual research’ drawing(s).

FOUND objects haven’t made it into this post, unusually (- other than my previous old mobile phone, but not the lost one I’ve FAILED to FIND yet!) But tomorrow’s FINDERS-keepers post covers that genre quite enough…



~~Following the first commenter’s suggestion that my temp post was enough I’m leaving it as was for the record now I’ve updated and FINALISED my ‘F’-post…>


Still Life with a Twist ‘F’

My post will be here soon (delayed by full virus scanning, just getting dinner. Apols!)


(Photo challenge) One Mundane day last May

Entering an old photo for Mundane Monday Photo Challenge #154 with KO. (You might have seen the same image at low resolution as a screenshot of my photo in my A to Z Challenge response post for the letter E yesterday to accompany my text there).

a dandelion flower to the left of centre in the image, it's bright yellow bloom against the blurry background of wild greenery, it's bright yellow alike the sunshine.