Az Lingering by Lamplight

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Still Life with a Twist ~L~

LIGHTING is something I need to pay attention to when arranging objects to draw from, and for taking photos of them. I’m far too ‘that’ll do’ even though other people say I’m too much of a perfectionist. I don’t get why.

LONGEVITY.  It’s quite a long time now since the Kubin exhibition I was visiting at n0c0 (Nottingham Contemporary), mentioned in my A to Z post for the letter I. It still replays in my mind at intervals (and I still have a creative writing fiction to work on inspired by the exhibition while attending the  Study Sessions writer’s workshop, but having started that fiction only after that course finished and abandoning it a few pages in).

‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’ kept running through my mind in the Kubin galleries when looking at this arrangement.  Among the work attributed to Kubin were objects curated by the accompanying artist (Francis Upritchard).  This arrangement struck me as more still life oriented than installation:

close up of a pen sketch showing a lamp, the shade containing moulded facial features (it was made by the Tobias Brothers in 2011) on top of a chest of drawers of which you only see here the very top and a bronze camel to the right of the sketched image.

Around the two galleries of Kubin attributed works, in the gaps between (from memory) along the way of seeing those drawings there were these domestic-inspired installations including furniture designed by Upritchard’s husband, Martino Gamper. But by far the most interesting art objects within those were the lamps by the Tobias Brothers, this one shown above was titled ‘Green Black Lamp, 2011’. The Tobias Brothers had featured in an earlier n0co exhibition (maybe alongside the Diane Arbus exhibition) and I loved their work.

I was intending to show the full sketch. but on reflection if Mr Gamper objects to anything I ever had to say about his other half, FUpritchard, the so-called artist (and assuming Mr Gamper is not a construct but a constructor, ie. designer and maker, while FU herself appeared a bogus front for a collective project – it’s only how she made herself and the exhibition appear!) well, I’d best not be risking getting sued for showing a sketch that might be considered, quite LAUGHABLY, meaning by my sketch of course, a high design copyright infringement. Even if it is only a rough sketch of a simple chest of drawers. The other piece atop it was only labelled as ‘Camel, Bronze, 2011’ and the overall installation appeared to have no title. I titled it, by way of my drawing, “F’ledgling F’light”, because it at least deserved a titling or name.

[399]… I’d best end my LANGUISH here… [405]



Katch-up Kwick knitwit (meaning me, of course!)

What a kerfuffle! I knew the challenge would be exactly that and I’m just not devoting enough energy to all sorts of things, never mind drawing time. I didn’t want to wait a whole ‘nother year so jumped in feet first. If I set myself up to fail, then as long as I fail all the way to ~Z~ I’ll be happy. I’ve been trying to backtrack to make a list of blogs I’ve been hopping to so far, expecting there to be at least 2 dozen by now, feels like more, and I’ve only made my way round about eight so far today. I am however enjoying ALL the blogs I’ve been visiting. I just wish I could hop about reading more!

I hadn’t expected my sleep cycle to go so badly awry, but it has and last Sunday’s ‘free day’ to do things like make better drawing space and gather stuff together was lost to sleeping. So it’s lucky I’d not made a list for this Sunday and maybe I’ll catch up with plans this weekend. I haven’t washed dishes all week so there’s that to do too, but I’ve not exactly been cooking either so it could be worse 🙂

My new drawing for ‘K’ things with different objects and a ‘totally realised background’ isn’t materialising yet. It’s not the ONE special thing I had in mind to make either. It was inspired by these old sketches of mine from the summer of 2010 . These are unfinished, of course (I’d been extremely unwell and had been practising regaining dexterity:

unfinished pencil sketch of objects on a wooden chair, those being a teddy bear, knitting needles holding a piece of knitting and a ball of wool, two juggling balls and a cat toy.

I don’t think I realised at the time, having lost patience and concentration with the poorly scaled drawing above, that I’d not even finished enough on the following study of the detail of the knitting either:

unfinished pencil sketch as a study of a piece of knitting on a knitting needle

I’m wondering now if I ever even finished knitting that square that I started back then. I think I might have done. But I have some of my late mother’s final knitting attempts on her needles and so I’m drawing something including them, for the technical excercise practise if nothing else. I’m stuck deciding on the something else, so it’ll be a while before that shows up.

One of these days I’ll get it together better!