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Still Life with a Twist ~M~

Muddling along this month I find myself already at the midway point! Time flies…

Making a still-life painting or picture (mixed-media maybe) and selecting special objects in memory of my Mum remains my MAIN aim while I malinger and spend more time thinking than making or doing anything much at all. Luckily my theme reveal sets that ideas-based focus and meandering pace. MOREOVER I want this image to hang on my wall for as long as my lifetime, so rushing in would be foolish (…yes, this is another excuse! just ME. honestly!)

One of the reasons I was interested in still life images for my theme is the MULTI-DISCIPLINARY aspects of the genre both in material/MEDIUM and style/MANNER. Although still-life painting and drawing is undermined by the ‘high art’ critics, academics and denigrators (the cads!) it requires development of observation and skill and underpins many other types of Fine Art practise. Moments as MOTIF can be found in many historical paintings of other types.

I’m making my way back through art history and found a new-to-me artist of note with Daniel MACLISE, an Irish-born 19th century painter. I’m sharing a screenshot section of one his paintings here to illustrate a still-life moment as MOTIF (not to be confused, in English, with MOTIVE). I’ll be studying his work more along the way of things, beyond this month’s challenge, and include this reference image here, as shown below, under Fair Use as applicable in the UK (for non-commercial, Personal and Educational Use Only).

image shows (within a screenshot frame within the application frame of MSPaint) a section of a painting by Daniel Maclise available to view at google art and culture dot com. Thee section is the lower portion of Maclise's painting titled Alfred the Saxon King Disguised as a Minstrel in the Tent of Guthrie the Dane. Visual description to follow, in the future, please request priority attention to this issue or any other issue of relevance if needed during your visit and i will try to help. Thank you for visiting my blog post.

If I’d wanted to mention n0c0 exhibited artists, from the now distant contemporary past that have an MMM factor, I could have raised MARC Chamowicz, MIKA Rottenberg and MARK Leckey – and they all had moments of still life potential within their installations – and were fabulous to be able to visit at least a little but never enough. Defying convention, their forenames are mentioned first, of course.

MOCK UP and MAKE do: I mentioned in an earlier A to Z post, Az Expressions of Endearment my wonderings around using previously made artefacts as backgrounds for still life objects and including them in the image-making process. I have to remind myself sometimes that objects I might select were close to my Mum’s heart only because they had belonged to my Dad, otherwise she’d have gotten rid of them. She wasn’t keen on ornaments, my Dad was. I’m yet to decide if combining the memory of them both together, but really it should be as originally decided, all in remembrance of my MUM this month. Dad might have to wait, apart from this inclusion.

a photo of objects: a brass owl ornament and a brass ship's wheel with a bell hanging from it and the stick to ring the bell held on the front of the ship's wheel shape f the ornament, both are placed on a green needlecord man's shirt and the background is part of a pencil sketch of engine parts.
My Dad (deceased) learnt mechanics during his National Service and he was very supportive of my interest in drawing and art, so it seemed appropriate to place my sketch made in summer of 2010 as a background to objects I’d maybe use as ‘memorial’ items for still-life. As an example, probably not making this image other than this photo.

My dad’s liking for MARITIME ornaments play a minor part in the makeshift photo (above) of a potential arrangement in memory of my Dad. It’s missing his MILITARY button from his years of National Service as that’s in such a safe place I can’t find it just yet, but I would have placed that within the objects and probably play with different objects and ideas.

You might or might not want to see that 2010 sketch in it’s own right, apologies for lacking a better camera for these currently, I’m showing the low-quality mobile phone camera snapshot, below (again, objective drawing, not being ‘still life’):

my pencil sketch of engine parts drawn in summer 2010

I’d love to draw more around mechanics and MECHANISM(s) and thoroughly enjoyed that summer’s afternoon stuck outside awaiting the householder’s return during my visit.

This has been more than enough for this post. Make, Do and Mend will be my theme for Maybe May, I think.

What a shame I had to leave out Matisse and all those other great artists whose names begin with M! Do you have a favourite artist or art work (of any letter at all?)