Az Overcoming Obstacles

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Still Life with a Twist ~O~

a freehand drawing excercise, the top half of the image is horizontal and vertical orange felt-pen lines drawn over with blue ballpoint lines and concentric circles; the lower half of the image is a similar excercise using only the blue ballpoint pen, freehand drawing vertical and horizontal lines within a square, the concentric circles extending outside the square; written around the edge of that lower half's excercise are the words Orientation Excercise 17th April 2018. the overall image appears almost as if an exclamation mark.

It’s becoming more necessary and pressing to get to the back of stored items for equipment, materials and even some of the objects I might like to include in my eventual still-life painting. I could of course use whatever’s to hand but then I won’t have the painting I planned to make this month.

Overheads and Outings…

If I’m including flowers, and I do have a mind to as the planned practise piece will be made in memory of my late mother, so then I need to get out of the house for an afternoon and buy some blooming flowers. I could of course ‘cheat’ and work from reference images if all else fails, however I would still like to obtain some good artist’s drawing pencils, even if I don’t need them for painting. So as much as I dislike shopping I could really use getting out and about one of these days. Online shopping might return damaged or counterfeit items or be misleading sales and overpriced low quality false economy purchases. I could probably use some new brushes too as I’ve always been hopeless at taking care of my cheap ones enough whenever I used them and hopefully my old paints haven’t solidified in their tubes(!) I’d also like to buy ORANGES for drawing, and orange being my favourite colour – they would have featured in a drawing for ‘A’ (Aromatherapies) had I been better ORGANISED.

ORNATE or ORDINARY? I need to decide answers to such questions.

Jan van OS (b.1744-d.1808) is apparently a well-known Dutch painter of fruit and flower still-life. So another historical artist to look up and research.

OIL PASTEL drawing is one of my favourite ways of making still-life images and/or objective drawing studies and OBJETS TROUVÉ (found objects) are a distracting favourite subject matter, tempting for practise but entirely inappropriate for this particular project phase. I still have oil pastels from art college days (mid 1990s), that’s how often I draw, as I don’t like art for art’s sake and resources are precious and so is storage space!

So today I reminded myself of an ORIENTATION excercise that is said to be beneficial to practise before setting down any types of drawing, whether observational or design/imaginative. I first came across this excercise as a Twitter ‘tip’ during #DrawingAugust2015. Basically you just fill an area or a whole piece of paper freehand with horizontal lines, then vertical lines (without turning the paper round) and then draw concentric circles over it.  Today I’ve used an ORANGE wide-point felt-tip and OVERDRAWN in blue ballpoint, as blue is the OPPOSITE colour in a colour-wheel. That was fun. (I was in part motivated by reading at  their A to Z theme being all about Drawn Lines).

My final meditational orientation excercise made the OPENING image for this post. That looks a bit messy perhaps, but I always enjoy the OUTCOMES, for example the patterns made in the close-up below:

close up photo of image made in the drawing excercise whre orange horizontal and vertical lines are overdrawn with blue ballpoint pen with concentric circles overlapping to make pleasing shapes and visual effects

ONLY just OVER an Hour OVERDUE but closer to my self-led deadline.

Back tomorrow, to take on ~P~







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