Az Peeping into P

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Still Life with a Twist ~P~

I’ve not yet featured any female artists, not for oft purported reasons of cultural and social PATRIARCHY or misogyny. Of course you’re free to interpret contradiction here if you like. It is true that historically the artistic works of men outweigh by far in number those of women, although these days the balance has overtipped in women’s favour for three or more decades now – it’s just that men are often so much better artists (and writers) and their work is much more interesting, in my PERSONAL opinion. As a woman and as a human I prefer plain honesty- equality campaigners seem not to allow for such things.

Photo shows a pencil drawing of four pine cones
Pencil sketch of pine cones I made in summer 2010

PROTEST statement, my opining, I guess. It seems women are not PERMITTED (by the deluded other with a superiority complex) to contradict those elitist advantage seeking pushes of proponents PERPETUATING the misogyny myths. (NB: I’m aware in some cultures there are perhaps profound matters of gender inequality but as an individual in Britain/UK, I only have access to the purported PORTRAYALs of other societies and cultures and some of these are potentially PROPOGANDAs.)

Back to the POINT.

Clara PEETERS was an important 17th century female painter in Antwerp who became known sometime after 1594 and her last known recorded painting was dated 1657. She made some amazing still life paintings, often capturing her reflection as self-portrait in some of the objects in her paintings and often using food in ways as to suggest human presence. Wiki media has a fantastic slideshow of some of her paintings and although I’m not including her images here, you can pop off if you like and peruse some at this link: 

There are so many arty ‘P’ words i could POSIT here, but essentially i wanted to make a quick post and get on with PREP (finding PASTELS, PAINTS, PAPER, whatever PENS & PENCILS might still be good before finalising my PROVISIONAL shopping list, and PLAY and PRACTISE and hopefully make pictorial PROGRESS in the last PHEW eleven or twelve (dig and delve) days…

Another PICTURE from my recent PAST (and pandering to seeds of ideas)…

photo shows a drawing made in my sketchbook of an arrangement of seed pods and their shadows, including sycamore seeds as the main subject in the foreground, a seed-pod of unknown name in the middle (will update sometime later) and a stem of wallflower seed pods in the background.
A sketchbook study I made in summer 2010, my pencil drawing of seed pods

So that’s my take on P for today, procrastinating and postponing physical tasks and very far from perfect with plenty leftover to potentially ponder…